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Potent Leadership

In today’s online culture, it’s easy to confuse “influencers” with leaders, and chase the followers, the likes, and the superficial success. But while influencers paint a pretty picture, real leaders pave a path. Leadership isn’t about what you do, nor is it about what you’ve accomplished.

It’s about who you be.

Leadership Begins Within

Leadership Begins Within

If you’re spending more energy trying to persuade others through your actions, words, or social media posts, filtering yourself to fit an expectation of who you think you need to be, you are NOT leading. You are performing.

Leadership Is Not a Performance, nor Is It About What You’re Doing. It’s Who You’re Being.

I’m NOT here to tell you how to lead or push you to be something you’re not in order to be seen as a leader. We have enough ‘performers’ in the world. What we need now are leaders who lead by being the example.

It’s time to stop chasing external accomplishments for validation. Leadership isn’t about what you say, what you do, or what you’ve accomplished, nor is it about the infamous blue checkmark. Leadership is about who you’re being, every minute of every day.

Your Potency = Your Medicine

People can see right through performative leaders and as a collective, we are yearning for more honesty, more truth, and more connection. This is why your potency is needed. Your potency is the medicine that you have to offer when you are being the fullest expression of who you are.

No more performing. It’s time to BE.

You Are Most Potent When You’re Being Who You Fucking Are.

I’m here to help you unleash your potency so you can lead as the fullest expression of who you be. I’ll show you how to lead your purpose and build a successful movement with integrity, authenticity, transparency, and congruence.


Are you ready?

Hi, I’m Ruby Fremon.

If you’re ready for a no-bullshit coach, mentor, and guide to support you in creating a meaningful life and movement, and you’re not afraid of a little ass-kicking to unleash your full potency, I’m here.

You’re experienced, purpose-driven, and you have something to say, but you’re showing up as a diluted version of yourself. You’re far from mainstream or vanilla, and you’re ready to own your potency. You’ve started to put yourself out there, but you’re still playing small. You’re worried about looking too loud, too opinionated, too… something.

Fuck. That.

What you should be worried about is being out of alignment with who you are. That’s why I’m here.

I want you to have a life where you feel free in every way. I want you to lead your purpose with absolute conviction. I want you to build your movement, your way. I want you to be successful on your own terms. I want you to stop diluting who you are and start owning your potency.

Text #PotentTruth to: +1 (781) 336 0160 and activate the leader within.

Join my text community and yes, you’ll be texting with me. Excited to hear from you.

Stop considering and start committing. Ruby knows how to get you the results you desire in your life in such an authentic and transparent way. She has the ability to show you an alternative path you may have never stepped on before. She knows how to empower you in a beautiful, magnificent way.

Joel Brown

Founder /
“One thing I love about Ruby is how committed to the work she is. In our world of “internet fame” it’s easy to read a few books and call yourself a coach. What’s truly inspiring are the leaders, coaches and facilitators who are actually taking THEMSELVES on in powerful ways, so that they can truly LEAD OTHERS to those same powerful spaces…and Ruby is one of those people!”

Alexi Panos

Author, Entrepreneur, Humanitarian
“Ruby helps people rise as a leader by seeing through their masks and amplifying their innate potency within. The monumental space she is able to hold is truly unlike any I’ve ever experienced. She sees you, like really sees YOU behind the layers of insecurity and self-doubt and she gives you the confidence to bring that leader forward. She’ll change your life.”

Jessica Zeinstra

Mindset + Business Coach, Founder @InnerBeautySchool

Our world is in need of more leaders. But what we’re seeing is a rise in self-conscious leadership, NOT conscious leadership.

It’s time for a new way — to redefine what it means to BE a leader.

On average, you’re spending 1/7th of your life on social media. But is your use of social media helping you create a real connection with your audience? 

Or it is disconnecting you from your audience?

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