Ruby Fremon // Coaching the New Generation of Thought Leaders.

I’m here to help you stand out and gain visibility to lead your mission.


The Transformational Coach + Mentor for Thought Leaders

I’m here to help you stand out and gain visibility for your mission.

Life + Influencer Coach
“Coaching the new generation of thought leaders.”

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You’re ready for a radical change that will kick things into high gear. You’re an out of the box thinker, leader, artist, maybe somewhat of a celebrity, and you want more than typical success. You’re ready to stop settling for middle of the road in your professional and personal life and you’re driven to do something to change it. You want to kick your fear to the curb and conquer your own bullshit to take action and turn your life up to 11. You want to find your mojo, kick ass, and be better and happier for it. You want to create your own version of success. You want to create an impact, a movement for change.

You want to be a thought leader.

I’m not your typical life coach, but you’re not typical, either.

Hi, I’m Ruby Fremon.

If you’re ready for no-nonsense coaching, the encouragement and support you need to create a meaningful, impactful life, and you’re not afraid of the little ass kicking you need to reach your full capacity, then you’re ready for me. You’re smart and you have something to say, but you’re holding yourself back. You’re far from mainstream or vanilla, and you’re ready to own your underground nature. You’ve started to put yourself out there, but you’re still playing small. You’re worried about looking too loud, too opinionated, too…something. Fuck. That. What you should be worried about is not living up to your full potential. I’m bold and in-your-face and my style will work for you—if you’re ready.

You’ve reached some level of success, but you’ve stagnated. Our generation isn’t satisfied with money or the typical measurements of success. We redefine success. We want to do what we love. We want our life to have meaning. We want more time to explore the world, ideas, relationships. And we want to make an impact that results in our radical growth while creating positive change for others.

I’ll help you turn that mediocrity into meaning and together, we’ll create a practical plan that pushes you outside your comfort zone and out of your head so you can reach your full potential and create an impact. By pushing past all of this and rising up as a thought leader, you will become an authentic, natural leader that legions of people interested in your mission will want to follow.

My no-bullshit approach will help you bust through your glass ceiling, get out of your comfort zone, and radically transform your life. You’ll take control to gain full self-expression of your potential. You’ll get out of your own way to go after what you really fucking want.

Together, we’ll work through my
breakthrough process called CPR:

Courage + Persistence + Resilience

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or an artist or anything in between, I want you to have a life where you wake-up and the first thing you think of is, “Fuck. Yes.” I want you to believe that you can achieve something more—and get it. And I want you to stop limiting yourself.

Stop considering and start committing. Ruby knows how to get you the results you desire in your life in such an authentic and transparent way. She has the ability to show you an alternative path you may have never stepped on before. She knows how to empower you in a beautiful, magnificent way.

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Are you ready to activate your voice and BE the most unleashed version of you?

Are you ready to gain the conviction needed to do the purpose-fueled work you know you’re here to do?

Do you have the desire but just need a game plan?

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