105: Confidence in Action with Calvin Witcher - Ruby Fremon || Life + Influencer Coach

Everyone wants confidence, but what most people don’t realize is that confidence is the aftermath of deep inner work.

Join me and world-renowned prophet, healer, spiritual teacher and medium, and best-selling author Calvin Witcher for a conversation that uncovers what it really takes to become unapologetic.

In this episode, you’ll learn why most leaders are simply seeking significance, how to create true confidence and step into your most unapologetic self, and the power that comes from confidence in action.

Today’s episode is sponsored by “How to Conquer Your Bullshit with CPR”—my free training that will help you bring your message to the masses. Sign up for the free training at rubyfremon.com

Connect with Calvin…
FB: www.facebook.com/calvinwitcher
IG: @calvin.witcher
YT: www.youtube.com/calvinwitcher

And find me online everywhere: @iamruby

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