111: Demystifying Purpose and Dharma with Kitty Waters - Ruby Fremon || Life + Influencer Coach

Your purpose isn’t meant to be found—it’s meant to be unveiled.

Join me and Transformational Teacher and serial entrepreneur, Kitty Waters, for a conversation that busts through the myths about purpose. In this episode, you’ll learn the difference between purpose and dharma, why your excitement is truly a compass, and why uncovering your purpose is a lot simpler than most humans like to make it.

Kitty’s mission empowers people to do their dharma and create the life of their dreams. She is very much in the purpose conversation; inspiring people to look inside and discover their souls calling.

She is the co-creator of The Network for Transformational Leaders, a non-profit and peer group for people doing Transformation work.

Kitty’s life has gone full circle after having a nervous breakdown in her twenties, suffering from depression, drug and alcohol abuse…. This dissatisfaction and disconnection from life lead her down the personal development route.

Kitty’s Do Your Dharma course, has helped countless men and women let go of their limiting beliefs, unlock their greatest potential and create the life of their dreams.

Kitty launched Kitty Talks in the spring of 2017. Her coaching and the Kitty Talks Podcast demystifies Dharma for people and makes it clear and understandable. By sharing real life people’s stories and how they’re following their bliss in their own lives…. Kitty Talks mission is ‘to inspire a generation of change-makers to follow their passion and purpose and make a difference on the planet.’

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Connect with Kitty…
FB: www.facebook.com/kittytalksclub
IG: @kitty_talks

And find me online everywhere: @iamruby

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