115: Building a Magnetic Brand with Minling Chuang - Ruby Fremon

Building your brand around an ideal client avatar makes sense if you’re a large corporation, not a personal brand.

Join me and Founder of Brand Fame, Hello Fame Agency, and Co-Founder of Fame For Good, Minling Chuang for an insightful discussion on soul-aligned branding that will shift the way you look at branding for good!

In this episode you’ll learn how to talk to the hearts of your audience, why fear-based messaging doesn’t create loyalty, an exercise to help you get clear on what it is that you’re here to say, and how to stop chasing your audience by building a magnetic brand to draw them in.

Connect with Minling…
FB: www.facebook.com/minlingchuang
IG: @minlingchuang

Download her freebie to help you create your own ‘IT’ brand here: www.brandfameschool.com/itbrandguide

And find me online everywhere: @iamruby

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