143: The Anxiety of Sharing Your Truth with Briana Lynn Cavion - Ruby Fremon

Safety is BS. We’ll never feel safe enough to live our truth. And yet if we truly want to help move the conscious collective forward, we must live our truth, despite feeling unsafe.⁣

Join me and my dear Shamanic soul sister Briana for a conversation that dives deep beyond the paradigms of our current monarchy to uncover the reasons why we feel experience anxiety when we want to share our truth. ⁣

In this episode, you’ll get a history lesson that will help you understand why we experience fear when we want to speak our truth, how your individual wounds are impacting our collective wound, the difference between feeling safe and feeling secure, and why living in your truth is the greatest contribution to our collective.⁣

Briana Lynn loves the human heart. She believes that within each of us, we possess all that we need. Her work as a soul coach is to support access to this infinite source. She coaches, teaches and lives the top ancient technologies and transformational journeys to get humans free of what has been slowing them down, standing in their way and sabotaging their life experience. ⁣

She earned her NLP Masters Practitioner and began WholeLife NLP in 2010. She integrates this with her Masters in Peace Education from The United Nations University for Peace. This, along with her 13 years of adventures and study in Latin America, serve as the foundation of her Soul Purpose – Inner Peace for World Peace. ⁣

NLP, family constellations, meditation, soulful movement and sacred ceremony of various traditions are the tools she weaves into her in-person and online courses, 1×1 sacred Initiation work, and guided journeys around the world.⁣

Briana found the convergence of her love for academia and esoterica in the deep study of ancient healing, celebration and rites of passage ceremonies. While she has sat with, researched, and prayed with Earth Traditions spanning Latin and North America, the deepest dive into this resurgence of Today’s Ceremonialist comes from her own relationship with nature and spirit. She weaves this into the Re-Tribing Movement – Our Return, together as a community in an intentional and sacred way. ⁣

Her contributions as a ceremonialist include: Doula Work, Sacred Union Ceremonies, home blessings, rites of passage, relationship clearing, and intention casting.⁣

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