145: How to Save the World with Katie Patrick - Ruby Fremon

Are you inspiring change? Or are you CREATING change? ⁣

In today’s digital age, most leaders are simply using their platform to inspire change by educating their audience on the cause, and sharing doom and gloom media to create empathy. But as Katie Patrick shares in this episode, education and empathy alone will NOT create change.⁣

Join me and Katie Patrick for an eye-opening discussion on how to save the world. In this episode, you’ll learn the most effective ways to influence your audience to create change, why sharing doom and gloom posts, videos and photos will lead to increased freak-outs and less action, why comparison can actually encourage a collaborative effort to save the world, and how getting people to put their foot-in-the-door will lead to a bigger impact than trying to convince them to jump in, head-first. ⁣

Katie Patrick is an Australian-American environmental engineer, designer, and author of How to Save the World, ranked as one of the top 5 books for social entrepreneurs by Forbes. ⁣

She designs “”Fitbit for the planet”” software that leverages data, game design and behavioral psychology techniques to make real and measurable change on big environmental issues, and is an evangelist for bringing creativity, optimism, and imagination into the craft of saving planet Earth. ⁣

She is the creator of the zero waste behavior-change game, Youtube series, and book Detrashed and the founder of UrbanCanopy.io, a map-based application that uses thermal imaging of urban heat islands and vegetation cover to encourage urban greening initiatives. ⁣

Katie has been a media spokesperson on environmental issues and has been featured regularly on TV, radio and in magazines including the BBC, Vogue Australia, and ABC. She was CEO of the VC-funded green-lifestyle magazine Green Pages Australia and was appointed environmental brand ambassador by the Ogilvy Earth advertising agency for Volkswagen, Lipton Tea, and Wolfblass Wines. ⁣

Katie has served on the board of Australia’s national eco-label, Good Environmental Choice Australia, and won the 2008 Cosmopolitan Woman of the Year Award for entrepreneurship. After graduating from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology with a B.Eng in Environmental Engineering, she worked as an environmental design engineer for building engineers Lincoln Scott in Sydney Australia on some of the world’s first platinum-LEED-certified commercial buildings. Katie lives in San Francisco with her young daughter, Anastasia.⁣

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