146: Marketing Your Personal Brand with Cara Parrish - Ruby Fremon

If you’re not treating your personal brand like a startup, you have a hobby, not a business. ⁣

Wise words from the go-to marketing genius for millennials, Cara Parrish. Join me and Cara for a fun episode that will shed light on what to do and what not to do when it comes to marketing your personal brand. ⁣

In this episode, you’ll learn why you need to shift your focus from building an audience to building an audience that CARES, why the ideal client avatar exercise is bullshit, the importance of getting clear on your U.S.P., why you need to appreciate your audience and show them gratitude, and why it’s not the size of your audience that matters, it’s WHO. ⁣

Cara Parrish is the Founder of Cara Parrish Marketing and Podcara, an International Marketing Consultant, and philanthropist. Her rise to success began in entertainment marketing with MTV, VH1, and Fuse. ⁣

Cara toured North America on Warped Tour with Music Saves Lives. She was a featured voice in MTV Acts for speaking about being openly bisexual on television in seven countries and being an advocate for LGBTQ youth in rural areas. ⁣

Cara went on to work with General Mills, Harley-Davidson, Google and Dove in event marketing and influencer marketing to launch new products and expand their markets. She has worked in India, London, Estonia, Canada, and the US consulting for start-ups working toward international expansion. ⁣

She left corporate consulting to form Cara Parrish Marketing when she saw the growing need for personal brands to be recognized and marketed as the businesses they are. Her agency rapidly grew to a 7-figure agency exclusively serving personal brands all while being referral-only. ⁣

Now, Cara is innovating the way personal brands grow their authority with the launch of Podcara, the first fully automated matching tool for podcast hosts and their guests.⁣

Connect with Cara…⁣
TW: www.twitter.com/carafnparrish
FB: www.facebook.com/caraparrishmarketing
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/caraparrish
Website: www.caraparrish.com

Cara’s Gift to You: Everyone who contacts Cara’s team from this show will get $500 off their book deal and their first month of Podcara for free! ⁣

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