156: The Difference Between Looking Spiritual and BEING Spiritual with Aren Bahia - Ruby Fremon

“You can’t put sparkles on your bullshit.” ⁣

Wise words from Aren Bahia. From drug dealing gangster to spiritual entrepreneur and philanthropist… Aren has uncovered the true path to healing, transformation, and inner-power. ⁣

In this episode, I dive deep with my soul brother to shed light on what it really means to be spiritual. Tune in and learn how Aren traded his life in the dope game for a life of impact and giving back, why most people in the spiritual community would rather jump on a cause vs. actually doing something about it, the difference between looking spiritual and BEING spiritual, and why wealth and money are spiritual. ⁣

Aren Bahia is a Canadian Entrepreneur that moved to Bali in early 2016. Since then he has been on a spiritual quest to become a new man while simultaneously launching 3 businesses in 3 years. Aren clawed his way out of a rough lifestyle of organized crime and drug addiction in East Van to start his life over on the island of the gods. ⁣

He is the owner and founder of Conscious Arts Tattoo Shop and the Karma House Bali Tattoo Temple. As well as a partner in YogiLab, an online platform for high performers wanting to level up as a lifestyle.  ⁣

All his businesses are involved in charity work as part of their core values, specializing in education for mentally disabled Balinese children. ⁣

He hates voice notes and his spirit animal is the octopus. ⁣
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