159: 4 Ways to Make 2020 Your Most Empowering Year Yet - Ruby Fremon

Forget new year’s resolutions and focus on leading your life in a way that brings you closer to your vision. ⁣

Join me for the final episode of 2019 where I share 4 ways for you to make 2020 your most empowering year yet. Tune in and learn why asking yourself “WHY” is the most powerful question you can ask, how to create a feeling a true alignment in your life, why your inner-work needs to be a priority, and how to match the energetic frequency of what you want. ⁣

If you’re a conscious leader who is seeking a coach + mentor to support you in elevating your presence, mission and movement in 2020, and you’re ready to dive deeper into your inner-work… Let’s talk! ⁣

I’ve shifted things up in my business and am only taking 2 one-on-one clients in 2020, starting in January. 10 months. You AND me. Let’s work together to bring your message into the spotlight. ⁣

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