160: Plant Medicine, Growth Hacks, and Personal Responsibility with Anthony Dippolito - Ruby Fremon

“If you’re an a**hole before going into a plant medicine dieta and you don’t do the work, you’ll still come out as an a**hole.” Wise words from my soul-brother, Anthony Dippolito. ⁣

Join me and Anthony for a deep dive conversation about plant medicine, personal growth, and our experience in the jungles of Peru. ⁣

In this episode, you’ll learn why it’s important to hold intentionality and devotion to your work, why growth-hacking is really just a way to bypass your personal responsibility, the importance of integration, how many of us are simply living up to our illusions, and what needs to be done in order to break through those illusions. ⁣

Anthony Dippolito is a modern-day Medicine Man who uses the ancient art of language, deep listening, and the super power of full presence to create a space of transformation for those with the knowing that the time is now to get in touch with their true-self and unlock their highest potential. ⁣

He started his professional career as a Hollywood agent with the intention of creating opportunities for his clients to birth and share their highest forms of creativity with the masses. The successful 10-year journey of working with high-level creatives allowed him to step even more into alignment by transitioning to sharing his gifts with those outside of Hollywood desiring to live a more holistically fulfilling life. ⁣

Always a keen student of the belief systems and strategies behind those able to achieve personal and professional success, Anthony has taken his life experience and merged it with the art of Transformational Coaching after receiving a Masters in the Neuro-Psychology based program at NLP Marin (nlpmarin.com) led by PhD Carl Buchheit. ⁣

Anthony is a rare alchemy of wide-ranging esoteric spiritual practices, deep jungle shamanism and world-class neuro-psychology training. ⁣

Connect with Anthony…⁣
Instagram: www.instagram.com/soul.agent

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