162: Adding Soul to Social Media with Amanda Bucci - Ruby Fremon

When you match your external social media presence with your internal presence, you’ll experience liberation. ⁣

Join me and Amanda Bucci for a fun conversation that will have you thinking differently about social media. ⁣

In this episode, you’ll learn why authenticity can often just become another mask that you wear, how to identify true vulnerability, why your journey with social media is really a journey of niching down into yourself, how to improve the chances of people seeing your content, and why bots and canned comments won’t get you the results that you seek. ⁣

Amanda Bucci is a business mentor, social media strategist and content creator who helps entrepreneurs grow their companies to six and seven figures. Whether they are just launching or already established, her personalized approach shows them how to use their entrepreneurial archetype to create a customized business model for success. One of her clients went from $5K to $58K a month in just over one year. ⁣

Amanda has been featured in Inc magazine and on podcasts, including the Gary Vee Show, BossBabe and Earn Your Happy. Her own podcast, Bucci Radio, has been downloaded more than 5 million times and she has over 550K Instagram followers. ⁣

Widely considered a wise soul in a 26-year-old body, Amanda grew her business to seven figures in less than five years by staying true to herself. She’s currently studying spiritual psychology at the University of Santa Monica and infusing it into her business methodologies. ⁣

When she’s not working, you can find Amanda playing with her dog, Cooper, and doing Silent Disco on Venice Beach.⁣

Connect with Amanda…⁣
Instagram: www.instagram.com/itsamandabucci
Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/bucci-radio/id1197131564
Website: www.amandabucci.com

Download Amanda’s Instagram Masterclass for free: www.amandabucci.com/igmasterclass

And find me online everywhere: @iamruby

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