164: How to Become an Expert Speaker with Majeed Mogharreban - Ruby Fremon

If you’re only looking for PAID speaking gigs, you’re missing out on the opportunity to earn more and drive more traffic to your business. ⁣

Join me and expert speaker Majeed Mogharreban for a truly enlightening conversation that will have you rethinking your speaking strategy. ⁣

In this episode, you’ll learn why you can achieve greater results by speaking for free, how to use the stage as leverage to drive business, why it’s a disservice to not sell, the difference between selling and giving from stage, why waiting until the end of your speech to pitch could end up with you getting laughed at, the science behind the power of storytelling, and why creating reliability is key when speaking on stage. ⁣

Make sure you stick around until the end where Majeed offers his TOP 3 tips to help you get booked to speak!⁣


World-traveling dad and professional speaker Majeed Mogharreban, founder of the Expert Speaker Institute, will help you go from the best kept secret to the go-to person in your field.⁣

You have a story that needs to be heard so that people will discover you and hire you. Majeed will help you tell that story and get your message in front of your ideal clients.⁣

Majeed is the number-one highest-rated instructor in the world at Learning Tree International out of 721, he is a two-time international best-selling author, and TEDx speaker.⁣

Majeed has spoken at the United Nations twice and has worked privately with celebrities, politicians, an Olympic gold medal winner, CEOs and top entrepreneurs. His mission is to help you tell your story on stage to create a greater impact because your story has the power to change the world.⁣

Connect with Majeed… ⁣
Facebook: www.facebook.com/majeed.mogharreban
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/majeedmogharreban

Download his book for FREE: www.expertspeakerbook.com
Book your FREE 1-on-1 strategy call HERE: www.expertspeaker.com/apply

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