166: The Challenge of Truth-Telling with Pauly Ting - Ruby Fremon

There’s the truth, and then there’s the whole truth. Are you willing to share the whole truth? ⁣

Join me and Pauly Ting for a deep conversation on truth-telling and enoughness. In this episode, you’ll learn why truth is not fixed, how lying is caused by a lack of self-love, why it’s important to be honest AND kind, and the fundamental challenge that comes with telling the whole truth. ⁣

Pauly is the co-founder and CEO of Bold&Resolute, a movement that’s about people being bold to tell the WHOLE truth about their experience of life, and RESOLUTE to tell that truth even when it’s hard.⁣

From Australia to Silicon Valley, Asia and beyond, Pauly has dedicated his career to understanding the human source code, and what ultimately dictates our choices, behavior, and results.⁣

As the co-creator of The Art of Culture and producer of The Zen Business Podcast, Pauly believes that although we may fear the cost of telling the truth, it’s the cost of avoiding the truth that does the damage.⁣⁣

Connect with Pauly…⁣
Instagram: www.instagram.com/boldandresolute
Website: www.boldandresolute.com

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