167: 10x Your Impact with Win-Win Relationships - Ruby Fremon

Let’s get real… Networking is dead. If you want support to build your reach and expand your impact, you’ve got to put in the energy to cultivate REAL relationships. ⁣

In this episode, I share personal stories that will unveil how my relationships have helped me 10x my impact. Tune in and learn why networking is dead, why influencers with more followers aren’t always the best people to support you, and tips to help you cultivate win-win relationships.⁣

If you’re ready to impact millions with your message, I invite you to join me and Selena Soo on Wednesday, February 26, for a special behind-the-scenes workshop that will help you create win-win relationships to 10x your visibility gain publicity! REGISTER TODAY: www.rubyfremon.com/rubyselena

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