171: Visibility and Handling Haters with Rosalean Batool - Ruby Fremon

“You’re not afraid of selling — you’re afraid of rejection.” A massive truth bomb from Rosalean Batool. ⁣

Join me and Rosalean for an epic conversation that will help you harness the courage to show up online. Tune in and learn how to create clients organically through social media, how to utilize the power of video, why you need to take the time to reply to your comments and DMs, how to handle the haters, and how to get over your fear of being seen. ⁣

Rosalean Batool is a transformational expert who has helped hundreds of women earn more money in business, while overcoming the trauma of poverty, abuse and abandonment without years of therapy. She uses the power of Rapid Transformational Therapy combined with her own unique skills to help others overcome depression, anxiety, procrastination, PTSD, the fear of failure and so much more.⁣
Rosalean’s mission is to help others change the way people perceive pain and turn it into power.⁣

Connect with Rosalean…⁣
Instagram: www.instagram.com/rosaleanbatool
Facebook: www.facebook.com/rosaleanbatool
Website: www.rosaleanbatool.com

Download her free ebook, “5 Ways to Sell Your Services Without Going Broke” here: http://bit.ly/2tGrLGE

If you dig this podcast and want to connect, text me! Would love to hear about ONE major insight you gained by tuning into this episode: 1-781-336-0160⁣

And find me online everywhere: @iamruby

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