172: Feeling Pressured to Lead During the COVID19 Pandemic - Ruby Fremon

Do you feel as if you should be doing more and showing up more during the COVID19 pandemic?⁣

You are not alone. Millions of leaders are currently experiencing this same pressure. But what if you’re the one creating this pressure? What if you’re reacting from a false sense of urgency that is leading you to show up in irresponsible ways as a leader? ⁣

In this episode, I share my personal beliefs around what’s taking place in our world, how you might be continuing to feed the patriarchal machine through your actions right now, why COVID19 is a call to dive deep into our inner-work, why our population is highly impressionable right now, why this is is a time for you to focus on creating safety within yourself by learning to trust yourself, how to embody feminine energy and contribute to a global shift into an era of matriarchy, why many leaders have opted to spiritually bypass their internal responsibilities in exchange for self-serving actions (packaged as global contributions), and 5 steps to help you shift from reactive leadership to responsible leadership. ⁣

My advice when you listen to this episode: Take what resonates and let go of the rest. I am not here to persuade you of my beliefs–in fact, I am here to encourage you to trust yourself. ⁣

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