173: Bio-Hacking the Right Way with Aurimas Juodka - Ruby Fremon

You can’t use bio-hacking to bypass your bad habits. ⁣

Join me and Aurimas Judoka (aka AJ) for a conversation that gets real about health, bio-hacking and human optimization. In this episode, you’ll learn why you can’t afford not to take care of yourself, why fitness alone won’t help you optimize your performance, how to get in sync with our circadian rhythm and why that’s important, how to shift into a more optimal lifestyle with ease by using the Minimal Effective Dose, and the 6 pillars of high performance.⁣

Aurimas Juodka went from being a sickly child to a thriving human and made it his life’s mission to help others reach their true potential through health.⁣
Now, he takes people who are busy, neglecting their health, not sleeping and stressed to a place where they’re confident, have more energy, feel better and, as a byproduct, can excel in any area of their lives.⁣

AJ started his career as a military service member and civil engineer. He discovered his passion for health early in his military career when he found himself with constant brain fog and fatigue. He solved his personal health challenges and pivoted his career towards health and started educating his fellow service members. ⁣

He now works with entrepreneurs, executives and corporate professionals internationally to enhance their mental and physical output. He is amazing at identifying and correcting the roadblocks that prevent his clients from reaching their full biological potential ⁣

AJ serves his local community by educating children on healthy nutrition and he is constantly expanding his knowledge through reading, podcasting and staying recent on everything health-related.⁣

Connect with AJ…⁣
Instagram: www.instagram.com/wellwithaj

Grab your Vitality Blueprint to improve your sleep, digestion, nutrition and the quality of life: www.thrivingwellness.co

Join AJ at his next retreat: www.thehighperformanceretreat.com

If you dig this podcast and want to connect, text me! Would love to hear about ONE major insight you gained by tuning into this episode: 1-781-336-0160⁣

And find me online everywhere: @iamruby

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