178: The Truth About Authenticity, Validation and Uncertainty with Rachel Luna - Ruby Fremon

“Are you here to be the entertainment? Or the teacher?”

A powerful (and punchy) question from the one and only Rachel Luna. Join me and Rachel for a conversation that will punch you in all the right places when it comes to leadership, authenticity, and uncertainty.

In this episode, you’ll learn the difference between performing and authenticity, why rejection is really about the person doing the rejecting, how to avoid using social media as your diary, why your need for feedback is really a need for validation, the dangers of making decisions based on the opinions of others (aka decisions by committee), why uncertainty and uncertain times like this are an illusion, and an empowering exercise that will help you cultivate self-trust.

Rachel Luna is a highly sought after international speaker, best selling author & Sales Confidence and Mindset Strategist to six- and seven-figure entrepreneurs. Named by Forbes as one of The 11 Most Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs To Follow On Instagram, this former US Marine has a reputation for inspiring confident action and helping her clients double, triple and quadruple their revenue. 

Rachel calls herself a magnet for miracles, after losing both her parents to AIDS, struggling with eating disorders in her teens and battling alcoholism and depression in her early 20s, Rachel knows and teaches there’s only ONE way to look and that’s up. When she was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer in the summer of 2019 Rachel tackled it the same way she does everything – with confidence, faith and love.

Within 30 days she was cancer free and today she continues to thrive, teach, and activate confidence in others. Through her top-rated podcast, Real Talk with Rachel Luna, social media, courses, and her live event Confidence Activated, Rachel is on a mission to help 11 million women step into faith, worth and wealth.

Standing only 4 feet 11 inches tall, this tiny but mighty firecracker lights up the room and galvanizes her audiences all around the world. An international speaker, Rachel has been invited to share her powerful talks all across the globe from the US to Europe to Japan and has been featured in Forbes, The Huffington Post, Success Magazine and Latina Magazine among many others.

If you’re looking for sales confidence, mindset mastery and marketing strategies that will boost your revenue while building your legacy, Rachel Luna is the girl you call.

Past episodes mentioned in this episode:
Ep. 161 – Humanizing the Behavior of Judgment
Ep. 155 & 157 – Lessons From the Jungle

Connect with Rachel…
IG: https://www.instagram.com/girlconfident
Website: https://www.rachelluna.biz/

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