180: Facebook and Instagram Ads Made Simple with Monica Louie - Ruby Fremon

You can’t just throw money at ads and expect to make a profit.

Join me and advertising expert Monica Louie for a conversation that will shed some much needed truth to Facebook and Instagram advertising strategies.

In this episode, you’ll learn why ads are not the solution to your problem, how ads are just one piece of the marketing puzzle, how to create a path to profit, why you need to think of your ad strategy as a long-term game vs. a short-term game, 3 key elements to have success with a Facebook ad campaign, the 3 main types of audiences for Facebook and Instagram ads, and why you need to tweak and test your ads.

Monica Louie uses her expertise in Facebook & Instagram ads to help entrepreneurs skyrocket their profitability. After discovering the wonders of paid advertising and seeing amazing results herself, she’s built a thriving agency for major brands and solopreneurs alike.

Monica’s agency — Team Flourish — focuses on helping people who help people, and they create ad strategies that always put the audience first so their clients can reach the right people quickly, without burning their ad dollars.

The Team Flourish mission is simple: They’re here to raise the bar when it comes to ads management and strategies.

Are you ready to create campaigns that convert? Sign up for Monica’s step-by-step course “Flourish with Facebook Ads”. This course is Built for leaders like you, who want to amplify your success (and scalability) with SIMPLE Facebook ad strategies that work. Sign up today at: http://www.rubyfremon.com/flourish

And if you’re not quite ready for the course but are seeking a kick-start to help you, Download Monica’s Facebook Ads Starter Kit for FREE: https://www.monicalouie.com/ruby

Connect with Monica…
FB: http://monicalouie.com/facebook
IG: http://monicalouie.com/instagram
Website: http://monicalouie.com/

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