191: How to Feel Less Overwhelmed in an Overwhelming World - Ruby Fremon

Has 2020 left you feeling overwhelmed?

You’re not alone. This entire year has felt like a series of unfortunate events that have left people feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and frustrated. In this episode, I address the overwhelm that we’re experiencing head-on.

Tune in and learn why performative leadership is detrimental to our growth as a collective, why showing up in your overwhelmed state is a disservice to you and your audience, how to continue to lead when you’re feeling all the feels, and 4 steps to becoming less overwhelmed in an overwhelming world.

PS. I am opening the doors to next year’s Thought Leader Collective early! If you want to be part of a community of leaders who are devoted to rising together with integrity and are seeking to amplify your presence while deepening your inner-work, I invite you to apply to be one of the 10 leaders in the 2021 TLC.

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