194: Shift Your Money Mindset with Jessica Zeinstra - Ruby Fremon

Are you going after what you really want? Or are you simply chasing the dollar amount?

Join me and my client, Jessica Zeinstra, for a conversation that will help you conquer your money blocks. In this episode, you’ll learn why the old saying ‘fake it ‘till you make it’ will cause more harm than good, why your fears end up being your biggest excuses, the difference between conscious debt and unconscious debt, how to shift from ‘needing’ clients to attracting soul-aligned clients, and the 3 buckets of money shhh* that stand between you and your wealth.

Jessica Zeinstra helps soul-led service providers start and grow their businesses. She focuses on ensuring your business is in alignment, sustainable, and profitable. Her obsession is getting massive wealth into the right hands. Her superpower is combining Mindset, Strategy, and Execution.

Jessica started her journey building salons, education companies, and a haircare line. She’s since gone on to work with some of the biggest names and brands in the hair industry. Jess has written 7 training curriculum, produced several online learning platforms, has been on the cover or featured in over 12 publications like Thrive and InStyle, she’s built education teams in 19 countries, and has spoken on stage in 11 countries.

Now, after over 15 years in the hair industry and finding too many service-providers running their business on coffee and a prayer, she ditches the rule books of how life and business should look, and focuses on how you want it to be.

Connect with Jessica…
Website: https://www.jessicazeinstra.com
IG: https://www.instagram.com/jessicazeinstra
TikTok: @jessicazeinstra

Sign up for Jessica’s free webinar, “Business, but Make it Simple” to help you build a profitable, manageable, and aligned service-based business, HERE: https://www.jessicazeinstra.com/Business-but-simple

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