200: 3 Things That Our World Needs Right Now… - Ruby Fremon

Where do we go from here? From the chaos, the fighting, the arguing… Where do we go from here to heal our collective pain?

This is the 200th episode of this podcast and so much has changed over that time. We’re all feeling the intensity of what this year has brought, but what you need to understand is that what we’re feeling and experiencing has always been there–it’s simply been brought to the surface.

In this episode, you’ll learn why external solutions will never offer us the peace we seek, how technology and the media is impeding your ability to move forward and heal, and 3 things that we need to do as a collective to begin our collective healing process.

If you’re ready to dive into the inner-work required to elevate your leadership and grow your movement, let’s talk. I currently have a few openings for coaching and mentorship. Apply today: https://www.rubyfremon.com/lets-work-together/

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