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I’m not going to lie… 2015 was one of the toughest, most challenging years I’ve ever encountered. 

Launching a new business, ending an old business, dealing with the financial difficulties of a career change, being hit with health issues, handling family issues, and learning how to deal with it all while honoring my new found sobriety. However, within all the struggles, I found beauty. I was blessed with so much this year. As I walk into 2016, I want to hold space for those awesome blessings. Rather than focusing on the stuff I didn’t do or accomplish, I’m choosing to focus on all the good that happened so I can amplify that energy into 2016. I’ve created a list of all the awesome things I experienced this year. The more I wrote, the more I remembered, and the longer my list grew. That’s the incredible thing about counting your blessings… by doing so, you’re actually creating space for more blessings. 

So here it is…

My 2015 list of awesome:

  1. Pursued my purpose-driven career in coaching; a career that I am deeply passionate about and emotionally/mentally/spiritually invested in.
  2. Kick-started my brand new coaching business.
  3. Launched my first group coaching program, The Reboot.
  4. Successfully hosted The Reboot 4 times within the year.
  5. Launched my first one-on-one coaching program.
  6. Gained my first paying coaching clients.
  7. Celebrated my 1-year wedding anniversary with the absolute love of my life.
  8. Attended the 2015 Archangel Academy Mastermind via a scholarship.
  9. Relaunched my updated website, redesigned by myself and my husband.
  10. Dropped my social media company to pursue coaching full-time.
  11. Hired my first high-end business coach.
  12. I created a new habit of investing in myself and my business. This is something that hadn’t ever felt easy for me to do in the past.
  13. Became proactive in my search for new friends in LA by reaching out and joining new groups.
  14. Gained a new circle of close girlfriends that I absolutely adore.
  15. Started a weekly Friday afternoon meetup with my new close girlfriends.
  16. Gave myself permission to be more vulnerable with my friends.
  17. Moved into a beautiful new apartment in Santa Monica (favorite city) with my husband. This is the first place we’ve lived that has really felt like our home.
  18. Designed my first real home-office within the new home; an office that I love working in.
  19. Experienced my first year in LA where I truly felt grounded and at home.
  20. I designed and launched my first business opt-in.
  21. Hosted my first workshop tour in LA, NYC, and Vancouver.
  22. Hit 1 year sober.
  23. Learned how to effectively manage my emotions, depression and anxiety without the use of substances.
  24. I became a published author on Huffington Post, MindBodyGreen, Plenty of FishHolistic FashionistaDigital Romance, Rebelle Society, and Guided Mind.
  25. I was featured and interviewed on 5 different podcasts/radio shows.
  26. My 2nd article for Huffington Post became a featured article with over 10k likes, 3k shares, and 265 comments.  
  27. Successfully launched my first Facebook Group.
  28. Hit over 800 members in my Facebook Group.
  29. I unapologetically stepped fully into my light and into my power as a thought leader, ignitor, catalyst, and coach.
  30. Successfully committed to The Five-Minute Journal.
  31. Hired a cleaner for the house so my husband and I would have more time together on the weekends.
  32. Embodied a “throw-spaghetti-on-the-wall-and-see-what-sticks” attitude with my career which opened up a mass amount of opportunities for me. This is huge because prior to this, I stayed away from taking risks.
  33. Spent a glorious week in Palm Springs with my husband for my first real vacation since 2007.
  34. I designed and launched a new coaching program called The Inner Tribe.
  35. Started attracting the perfect coaching clients.
  36. Started working with a new therapist that I absolutely love.
  37. Gained a ton of confidence.
  38. Became congruent within my personal life and business. I practice everything I teach my clients.
  39. Took my patience to a whole new level and have really been practicing it daily in my life.
  40. Felt internally at peace with myself and where I’m at in my business and life.
  41. My ND discovered a benign tumor early enough for us to deal with it effectively, before spreading. Removing this will alleviate a lot of other health issues.
  42. Identified a severe allergy to yeast, which I’ve removed from my diet. My health has since skyrocketed and I feel great.
  43. When I was hit with health issues, I approached it with love and compassion rather than anger and I gave myself permission to take a lot of time off (something I’ve never really done prior to this).
  44. I created and embarked on a “30-days of Me” self-care challenge which was then extended into my daily life.
  45. Self-care became a true daily habit; something that I never go a day without.
  46. Found a new OBGYN who took the time to explain and breakdown the benign tumor that was discovered, and creating a surgical plan of attack that I feel really confident about.
  47. I started creating my own crystal bracelets; something I’ve wanted to do for a long time.
  48. Booked a new monthly event series at Wanderlust Hollywood for 2016.
  49. Booked my first speaking gig for 2016.
  50. Successfully started a 21-day “No Complaint” challenge with my husband.
  51. Started treating myself to doing my nails regularly. This is big as I’ve had a bad habit of treating myself in these types of ways.
  52. Successfully went off refined sugar.
  53. I feel really good and confident about my body.
  54. Experienced a really successful 5th launch of my group coaching program, The Reboot.
  55. Was invited into a sisterhood mastermind with some of the most phenomenal entrepreneurs I’ve ever met.
  56. Created my 2016 project launch plan for my business.
  57. I’ve created a daily habit of honoring my needs.


I honestly feel so damn blessed. Life truly is good. And things always have a way of working out for your highest good, when you allow them to. Despite this being one of my most challenging years, it’s also been one of my best years to date and I know that going forward, things will only get better.

Want to amplify good energy for the new year? Create your own 2015 List of Awesome! I highly recommend it. And if you do create that list… share your experience with me in the comments below. 




Ruby Fremon (@iamruby)

Ruby Fremon is a Transformational Life Coach, Energy Healer, and Self-Love Advocate. She helps women boost their self-worth and put an end to self-destructive behaviors so they can experience happiness, gain confidence, and attract love. Ruby combines her love for the metaphysical with her passion for coaching. Crystals, Tarot, and channeling messages are all part of what makes her life-changing coaching programs unique. What makes Ruby a truly dynamic Coach and Healer, is her ability to blend together practicality with spirituality. This fusion helps her clients create massive life shifts that stick.

Ruby’s work is one that is driven by purpose. After hitting rock-bottom, she realized that she had the tools within her to create change. From a life of destruction to a life of love—Ruby is a reflection of her work, and she is dedicated to helping other souls create positive transformation in their lives.

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