218: Control is the Real Pxnd3mic with Vanessa Petronelli - Ruby Fremon

“If I’m not in control, I’m not safe.”

The past year and a half has challenged humanity in more ways than one, with control being a massive issue. Join me and Vanessa Petronelli for a real AF conversation that will highlight the real pand3mic that we’re currently facing.

In this episode, you’ll learn the problems that visionaries are facing right now, how people on all sides of the discussion are acting out of fear, why terms like ‘conspiracy theorist’ and ‘sheep’ further our divide, the importance of understanding what’s really motivating you to fight the fight, why the word ‘freedom’ has now become a trigger word, and how to really help and support humanity right now (this is incredibly important to understand).

Vanessa Petronelli is on a mission, teaching people how to fully embrace their unique gifts and share their divine purpose with the world. She helps conscious leaders, celebrities and creatives achieve grounded, strategic results-based transformations, taking their impact and success to the next level.

She is also the creator of the Embodied Alignment System™ which provides the tools, processes and daily practices to help students experience deeper clarity, intuition, self-awareness and momentum — both personally and professionally. She supports her clients and students worldwide through her private mentoring programs, leadership retreats, keynote speaking, channeling events and online programs.

Vanessa and her work have been featured on “Good Morning America”, KTLA, Collective Evolution, Authority Magazine, Parade Magazine, Glamour, People, Life & Style, LA Talk Radio, Your Morning Show Canada, Access Hollywood and more. Formerly, Vanessa was a certified yoga instructor, member of the all-female pop group Savvy Cafe, a runway and print fashion model, actress and a classically trained pianist. 

She lives in sunny San Diego with her husband, Jeffrey Platts, and their adorable rescue dogs, Leo & Chloe.

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