221: Why Coaches Aren't Masters with Jess Benstock - Ruby Fremon

Has the depth of coaching been lost in the coaching industry?

Join me and Jessica Benstock for a deep dive conversation that will reveal the myths found within the coaching world. In this episode, you’ll learn what it really means to be a trauma-informed coach (it’s not what you think it is), the truth behind the pedestals that we place other leaders on (or even ourselves), why no coach is truly a master coach, what it really takes to hold space as a coach, and what it truly means to be on a journey of mastery.

Jess Benstock is a seasoned coach, somatic and subconscious healer, and leadership mentor for six- and seven-figure female entrepreneurs and executives, and a teacher of trauma-informed multimodality coaching and facilitation techniques. She comes from an extensive background, and pulls from 11 years of training and teaching in a wide array of healing modalities — including somatic hypnotherapy, subconscious reprogramming, trauma therapies, North, Central and South American shamanic traditions, western esoteric meditation, and more.

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