225: Honoring Your Evolution - Ruby Fremon

The evolution is here! “Today’s Thought Leader” is now officially “Potent Truth.” In this special relaunch episode, I share with you the importance of honoring your evolution.

In this episode, you’ll learn why you don’t always have to tear things down to evolve, the two different forms of evolution and how each of those forms best serve you, why you need to create harmony between force and flow, and what’s really needed to honor your evolution.

“Today’s Thought Leader” has officially evolved into “POTENT TRUTH with Ruby Fremon.” The name change was necessary to honor my personal evolution. Thank you for continuing to be part of this journey!

My new book, “Potent Leadership,” will be released in July 2021. Everyone on the book waitlist will be gifted with 3 bonus activation audios PLUS the opportunity to win a 1:1 session with me! Add your name to the waitlist today: https://www.potentleadership.com
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