231: The World Needs More Potent Leaders - Ruby Fremon

In today’s digital world, the term ‘conscious leadership’ has lost its meaning and instead, it’s become another trend.

Tune in for this very special book launch episode where I address the reasons why our world needs more Potent Leaders. In this episode, you’ll learn the true meaning of Potency, why adopting titles and labels may deter you from doing the real work to be who you say you’re being, the real reasons why you struggle to show the world who you are, and how to stand out as a leader in today’s world.

My new book, “Potent Leadership,” will be released TOMORROW, July 13th, 2021!

As a bonus for purchasing the book, you will be gifted with 3 activation audios to support you in activating your potency and reclaiming your leadership.

Grab the book here: https://www.potentleadership.com.

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