237: Uncovering Your True Purpose During a Time of Great Uncertainty with Cherie Aimée - Ruby Fremon

The world as we once knew it is collapsing, and with that collapse comes an opportunity for something new to be birthed within you.

Join me and Cherie Aimée for a conversation that will open your eyes to the possibility found within the chaos we are experiencing in our society.

Tune in and learn why as leaders right now, we must choose to live in the uncertainty instead of clinging onto what’s ‘comfortable,’ how the business that you built may have been built from your trauma and how that gets to shift, why healing your trauma is crucial to reach the next evolution of your leadership, the importance of understanding who you are beneath the branding and the masks, why you may feel like you’re in the midst of an identity crisis and how to embrace it, and what it truly means to wake up during these times.

If you’ve been experiencing the dissonance between who you once were and who you are becoming, you will definitely find this episode helpful and it may just provide you with the hope that you’ve been searching for to support you through this massive transition that is taking place both in your external and internal worlds.

Cherie Aimée is a creative visionary, storyteller and entrepreneur.

She is the creator of “Exploring Hyperdimensional Intelligence: How to Avoid Solomon Syndrome for Leaders Navigating an Ethical Crisis,” the culmination of years of research examining the intersection of science and spirituality, and the impact of advanced technology on humanity. Her work is a contemplative and transformational exploration deep into the conscious mind of what it means to be a highly advanced human walking the planet.

As a near-death survivor with over 20 years in emerging technologies, Cherie creates an immersive environment to navigate an unfolding identity crisis and awaken cellular memories of humanity’s true origins and purpose. At the core of her research is the question we must ask ourselves: “If we knew who we really were and where we came from, would we be able to handle such an extensive amount of knowledge, wisdom and truth?” 

Cherie has spoken alongside some of the top surgeons, engineers and technology experts in the world. She has been a featured guest on “The Dr. Oz Show” and “Megyn Kelly TODAY,” as well as ABC, FOX, NBC, NHK Japan, Forbes, Nasdaq and Inc.

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