240: How to Stay Centered in a Triggered World with Matt Gottesman - Ruby Fremon

In a highly triggered world, what we need is to cultivate spaces for conversations that matter. Join me and my soul brother, Matt Gottesman, for one of those conversations.

In this episode, you’ll learn why our personal inner-work both benefits us and the collective, why integration is the only true application for learned knowledge, why owning our wrongs helps us move into the right, the difference between a digital keyboard warrior and a leader, the importance of adopting adaptability in your life and business, how to create spaces for conversations that matter (and why this is important), how being triggered could lead to deepened self-awareness, and the number one question to ask yourself and others during these triggered times.

Matt Gottesman is a multidisciplinary creative, two-time founder, podcaster, writer, artist and Web 3.0 enthusiast. He is an agile digital marketer and strategist by trade, with a background in helping some of the world’s most iconic brands realize their potential digitally.

Nearly a decade ago, he decided to reconstruct his own narrative by taking to the internet to create, build and publish to the world through his own brands, as well as communicate to the masses at the intersection of culture, creativity, spirituality and entrepreneurship.

He loves business, spirituality and exploring personal development and human optimization because he believes all of these help us become better people creating more intentional impact in the world.

He recently launched “Permissionless,” a weekly mail drop on Substack, as a way to help people break from the “system” to expand more on themselves through their collective work, art and passions, with the goal of bringing more ownership and sovereignty back to the individual.

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