249: What’s Really Needed to Help Humanity Stand United with Kerry and Nicole of Three Six Nine Media - Ruby Fremon

“If you see the devil in someone else, where is it in you?” This is just one of the potent questions I discussed with Kerry and Nicole of Three Six Nine Media in their followup episode.

Join me, Kerry, and Nicole for part 2 of our discussion where we take you deeper beneath the veils of illusion present within this p1ann3d-3m1c. In this episode, you’ll learn how confusion and fear are being weaponized, the difference between policy and law and the risk of liability that businesses take on if they choose to enforce these current proposed policies, the difference between criminal and private law and how this impact businesses who are enforcing the current policies, why the freedom fighter movement is simply mirroring the system that is crumbling, the ethical issues with many freedom fighter organizations, the ONE question you need to ask in order to create real change in our world, the difference between fighting for unity and standing united, why we need to start seeing the spiritual aspects of this battle instead of spiritually bypassing the truth, and the importance of seeing everything as a contract.

LEARN MORE ABOUT KERRY AND NICOLE (founders of Three Six Nine Media):

Kerry is a seasoned sovereign health practitioner whose training expands nutrition, Kundalini yoga, medical meditation, tonic herbalism, vibrational and neurosciences, spiritual activism, and conscious leadership.

She is a published writer and contributor to online health and conscious wellness publications and has participated as a course expert alongside Dr. Josh Axe, Dr. Dale Bredesen, and Dr. Marvin Singh.

Kerry is the founder of Rebel DNA Health and co-founder of Three Six Nine Media, an un-media organization creating solutions that liberate critical thinkers for impact and purpose. Kerry and her co-founder and cousin, Nicole, have raised over five figures for the constitutional challenges in under five hours, written a notice of liability for Canadian rights and freedoms that gained national attention, and have been commissioned by top tier organizations and seasoned professionals across the country to write notices that get results and return our rights, and to create authentic and impactful communication platforms and initiatives that garner growth and change.

For 14-plus years, Kerry’s work has focused on sovereign health for self-leadership that transforms, works, and builds impactful legacies. Through neuroscience-based health technologies, Kerry simplifies complex processes and tools to leverage purpose, productivity, and impact.

She has worked with famed artists, film companies, large multinational organizations, and small purpose-led startups seeking foundational change that impacts bottom lines and purpose-driven lives.

Nicole has over a decade of international corporate experience spanning sales and distribution, construction and design, and legal and financial services.

She has a track record of successfully implementing and managing organizational change, developing and executing multi-million-dollar business strategies, plans, and projects, and fostering dynamic relationships with colleagues and clients.

After succumbing to the effects of burnout in 2017, Nicole was jolted awake and shifted her focus to learning how to own who she uniquely is and what it could mean to truly thrive on her own terms.

This awakening led to the conscious decision to start reverse-engineering an entire career building solutions and efficiencies for the 1% and putting that knowledge into service for others.

Today, Nicole is a conscious strategist, writer, interviewer, researcher, and co-founder of Three Six Nine Media with her cousin, Kerry. Together they authored a viral Notice of Liability to end the Declarations of Emergency across Canada, worked with top tier rights groups across the country, created and executive produced ‘The Call,’ a live fundraiser for Rocco Galati’s Constitutional Rights Centre, and built a thriving private, off social platform focused on re-establishing communities and reconnecting the family unit.

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