258: Honor Your Authentic Expression with Dr. Kate Jones - Ruby Fremon

“Who am I?” This is a question that has stumped many of us and it’s because the answer isn’t as linear as society would have us believe. Join me and my soul sister, Dr. Kate Jones, for a fun conversation that will leave you feeling free to express all that makes you who you BE.

In this episode, you’ll learn why you need to start honoring the shifts in your identities during each season of your life, the importance of not burning your old identities to the ground and what to do instead, how you are your own medicine-keeper, learning how to honor yourself by doing only what lights you up, the importance of listening to your rhythm, and why showing up as perfectly polished is the biggest disservice to your truth.

Dr. Kate Jones is here to meet you at the intersection of who you are and who you are becoming.
Having lived many lives in this lifetime already, from a career in dance and makeup to pursuing a doctorate, and unleashing her spiritual abilities, her curiosity about life paved the way for deep and playful conversation. Her dynamic composition of life experience lends her facilitation to encompass a wide range. 
Whether she is providing chiropractic adjustments, intuitive mentorship, movement classes, dance parties, being a wife and mother, speaking on stages, or holding space for whatever emotions need to be released her presence and care can truly be felt.
Deeply feeling her way through the world has equipped her with a powerful skill set to navigate the human experience to its fullest expression. 
She currently serves at The Source Chiropractic in Tucson as a chiropractor, a lead facilitator for Kairos Training Culture, and provides various forms of mentorship both in-person and online. 

Join us at Soul Revival! March 26th, 2022 in Tucson AZ.

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