264: Understanding the Shadows from Different Timelines with Cherie Aimée - Ruby Fremon

“You have to be mindful of your energetic frequency at all times.” A potent truth from Cherie Aimée.

Join me and Cherie as we dive deep into a conversation about timelines, energetics, and sovereignty. Tune in and learn how you can begin understanding your true role during this time in human civilization, the 3 different realms that we are currently living in, what it means to live within different timelines, the real reason why you may be feeling so depleted these days, a potent distinction to clarify who’s really here to serve and support you vs who’s really here to use you, and what it really means to be a sovereign being in today’s world.

Cherie Aimée is a creative strategist and founder of Authentic Awareness Initiative. She is also a cancer, near-death and heart transplant survivor.

Her personal story went viral on social media with over 5 million views, after her featured TV guest interview on NBC with Megyn Kelly. Cherie advocates for self-leadership and the rebirthing of the aligned, creative spirit. All of the teachings she shares have guided her in becoming a globally recognized speaker, thought leader and creative visionary.

With the launch of her business, Cherie guides visionary leaders on an inner quest to awaken the authentic self and activate their greatest creative legacies. Her most powerful teachings are reminders of the deeper connection we all have with the greater wholeness of life.

Cherie has spoken alongside some of the top surgeons, engineers and technology experts in the world. She has played a guest role in the Lionsgate movie, “Wander Darkly,” and has been a featured guest on The Dr. Oz Show and Megyn Kelly TODAY. Cherie has also been featured on ABC, NHK Japan, Forbes, Nasdaq and Inc.

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