265: Becoming a Fully Integrated Leader with Luna Battalia - Ruby Fremon

We’re on the cusp of a new era of leadership—one where we redefine and integrate what it means to BE a leader.

Join me and Luna Battalia for a potent conversation that will help you understand what it takes to become a fully integrated leader. In this episode, you’ll learn about leading from a place of devotion, how leadership is truly a circular exchange, why the path of self-initiation is necessary for today’s leaders, the truth about cult dynamics, and how to self-regulate your nervous system so that you show up from a truly embodied state.

Luna Battalia is a transformational alignment and leadership mentor, with a masters degree in spiritual psychology, and the creator of The Alignment Code and the Self-Initiation Deck, working at the intersection of the human and the holy.

Her mission is to support service-oriented changemakers in leading legacy-leaving lives, families, communities, and organizations, through a path of self-initiation, where they align their outer choices with their inner wisdom.

Over the last decade she’s assisted thousands of visionaries through 1-on-1 mentorships, online group programs, in-person workshops and transformational retreats to cultivate unshakeable confidence and offer their personal contributions to a collective legacy we can all be proud of.

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