39: Finding Your C.O.R.E. with Dr. Will - Ruby Fremon || Life + Influencer Coach

“Have you ever looked in the mirror and questioned whether you know the person staring back at you? After experiencing this in his own life, Dr. Will created a system that helped him discover who he truly was at his core of his being. Join me and Dr. Will for a fun and uplifting conversation that will help you uncover your C.O.R.E.

Knowing your C.O.R.E. will help you design a life that feels good on your terms. This is about living life by your own rules while experiencing the things that mean something to you. Tune into this episode and uncover your C.O.R.E.

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FB: www.facebook.com/drwillspeaks
IG + Twitter: @drwillspeaks

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