43: Identity, Race, and Privilege with Trudi Lebron - Ruby Fremon || Life + Influencer Coach

“Over the past year, the social climate in the U.S. has shifted dramatically. Identity, race, and privilege are finally being talked about, and these conversations have definitely been triggering many in our population.

Join me for a eye-opening discussion with Trudi Lebron—a leading voice in the equity space. If you’re seeking to contribute to the expansion of equity, or if you’re someone who feels lost in regards to how you can contribute… this episode will definitely provide you with some incredible tools that will help you and your business evolve so we can begin to collectively dismantle the racism and unjust that our country has been built upon.

Connect with Trudi:
FB: www.facebook.com/trudi.lebron.3
IG + TW: @trudilebron
Podcast: “That’s Not How That Works”
FREE Equity Toolkit for Coaches: bit.ly/equitytoolkitforcoaches ”

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