62: Purpose, Impact, and Judgements with Rose Kirby - Ruby Fremon || Life + Influencer Coach

Have you ever felt as though your purpose isn’t good enough? Or that the impact you’re creating isn’t big enough?

Join me and my client, Rose Kirby, as we discuss the judgements surrounding purpose and impact. In this episode, you’ll learn the difference between macro and micro impact and why neither is better than the other, you’ll also learn the correlation between meaning and impact, and the importance of community and accountability for purpose-driven entrepreneurs and leaders.

Rose Kirby is a Leadership Coach and Business Strategist to Millennials on a mission, member of the Forbes Coaches Council, and speaker and host of the Facebook group, Millennial Impact Makers.

As an advocate for the Millennial generation, Rose is dedicated to helping those ready to do something bigger, to grow and monetize their mission and become recognized leaders while creating a meaningful impact.

Unlike the corporate notion of leadership, Rose believes in igniting leadership within Millennials to carve their own path, even when it’s different to everyone else’s – and to inspire others to take action beyond what they would have ordinarily taken.

This conversation is part of my special 10-episode client feature where I’m featuring incredible clients who inspire me.

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