72: My Top Insights from 2018 - Ruby Fremon || Life + Influencer Coach

Want to hear my top major insights from 2018? Tune in!

This episode kicks off “Thursday’s Thoughts” — a second weekly podcast episode featuring ME! Moving forward, Monday’s will be conversations and Thursday’s will be my solo episodes where I share quickie tips and personal stories to help you embrace your own personal and professional evolution.

In this episode, you’ll learn my top 4 major insights of 2018 and the very personal stories behind them. I know that you’ll be able to relate to at least one of these insights… after all, we’re all on the same journey.

Today’s episode is sponsored by “How to Conquer Your Bullshit with CPR”—my free training that will help you bring your message to the masses. Sign up for the free training at rubyfremon.com/cpr

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