79: Taking Ownership of Your Inner Transformation with Mark Tanaka - Ruby Fremon || Life + Influencer Coach
Taking ownership of your inner transformation will help you create a foundation for success. In this episode, I’m joined by transformational expert, Mark Tanaka. We dive into a deep conversation about transformation that will help you understand and shift your patterns. You’ll also learn how to detach yourself from your emotional wounding so you can begin to create an inner transformation that will help you become a more powerful thought leader. Mark Tanaka is a Healer, Educator and Pioneer in the field of inner transformation. He helps individuals take control of their bodies and minds so they can become the best and truest version of themselves, and create the inner foundation for success in life. Mark is well studied in Eastern body/mind training methods and philosophy, and integrates this with cutting-edge psychology and coaching. He teaches and practices a holistic approach to life transformation and entrepreneurship with an emphasis on creating life success through dialing your inner game. Mark helps his clients identify the unconscious coping strategies and defense mechanisms held in their bodies and minds, and how to effectively release them so they can end the endless loop of self-sabotage. Mark is a well respected teacher of yoga, qigong, meditation and energy medicine in Silicon Valley and the Bay Area, and is a faculty member at Luminous Awareness Institute School of Energy Medicine. Sign up for my free three-video training to help you bring your mission to the masses: www.rubyfremon.com/CPR Connect with Mark… www.marktanakayoga.com And find me online everywhere @iamruby

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