81: Sermon of Truth with Cody Jefferson - Ruby Fremon || Life + Influencer Coach

In a society that is seemingly forcing you to find yourself, your niche, and your truth right now, it is incredibly refreshing to have someone say “give yourself permission to wander.”

In this conversation with coach and former pastor Cody Jefferson, we dive deep into mindset programming, business and alignment. You’ll learn the importance what Cody refers to as the “four pillars,” and how they can help you create the life you want. You’ll also learn why we must transmit our pain to power, why truth is actually relative and seasonal, the importance of letting yourself wander to find the answers you seek, and why money does in fact matter.

Be sure to stick around until the END of the episode when Cody drops a massive sermon of truth.

Recognized as one of the country’s leading voices in personal development and entrepreneurial coaching by Entrepreneur, USA Today, Today and many other major publications, Cody leads more than 15,000 men and women daily into living the best version of their lives through 1:1 coaching, group coaching and sharing stage platforms with other massive influencers.

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