The Activation Retreat with Ruby Fremon
September 12-15, 2019 in Idyllwild, California.

The Activation Retreat (Sold out)

Are you ready to stop hiding in the shadows of others and start leading your purpose with absolute conviction so you can be seen and impact the lives of those you’re here to serve?

4 days - 3 Nights
The Activation Retreat is…

a transformational experience for purpose-driven leaders who are Ready to embody their mission, deepen their spiritual practice, and activate their gifts.

You KNOW you’re here to help shift the conscious collective forward, and yet you continue to let your habit of playing small keep you from sharing your gifts on a bigger scale.

Your confidence gets rocked anytime you experience disappointment, which causes you to withdraw from your mission and question your ability to lead.

You bounce between feeling super aligned with your mission when things are going well, to feeling depressed and anxious and overwhelmed when things don’t go your way or happen right away.

You watch other leaders on social media get their books published, host their international retreats, get exposure on major platforms and podcasts, and it always leaves you feeling like this is easy for “them” yet it’s a struggle for you.

You feel the lack of integrity in our space, and see the ways in which others are using dishonest practices to build their presence and are determined to lead differently because you know the world craves conscious and authentic leaders.

You get caught up in leading your mission and building your presence “their” way because you see it working for them, but it doesn’t work for you nor does it feel aligned for you.

The Activation Retreat was downloaded as a process to support purpose-driven souls like you, gain the courage, clarity, certainty and conviction to rise up as the bold, unapologetic and authentic leader that you’re here to be.

“What Ruby does is crack you open, dust off the bullshit and reveal the person who has been inside all along.”

-Cheryl Muir
Relationship Pattern Interrupter

September 12-15, 2019 in Idyllwild, California.

This retreat is for purpose-driven leaders who…

  • Are passionately dedicated to their inner-growth.
  • Are ready to deepen their spiritual and personal practice because they understand that this is the work that is necessary to reach the next level of their leadership.
  • Are tired of trying to do what everyone else is doing and are craving to step into a more soul-aligned way of showing up for their mission.
  • Aren’t here to add to the noise, but instead, are here to rise above it and set the example by BEING the example.
  • Are committed to doing everything possible to fulfill their mission.
  • Understand the importance and power of embodying their mission.
  • Have heart-centered missions and are seeking a community of like-minds for support, connection and inspiration.
  • Know that they’re here to do more and are ready to tap into the fullest activation of their gifts.
  • Value integrity, congruency, and inner-work because they know that this builds the foundation for true leadership.

FYI: Purpose-fueled couples are welcome to join! We have private accommodations for those who choose to participate with their significant other.

This retreat is NOT for “leaders” who…

  • Believe that business strategy is all they need to reach the next level of their leadership.
  • Aren’t deeply passionate about the work that they’re here to do.
  • Would rather learn more tools than do the inner-work necessary to embody their mission.
  • Are not interested in forming real connections with a new community.

Leaders in The Activation Retreat go through a 3-phase journey to help them create solidified rituals and practices that activate their gifts and unleash their inner-power and resiliency.


Leaning into your courage to expand your awareness and see all the ways in which you continue to get in your way, while awakening yourself to what’s truly possible–to what you’re actually capable of achieving, and who you’re capable of being.


You will experience an activation that will give you absolute clarity in your gifts, your mission, and who you’re here to be. You will step into a level of certainty that will keep you feeling unshakable in your presence, and grounded in what you stand for and believe in.


Having the undeniable conviction to stand with confidence and pride as the authentic and impact-making leader you are. This conviction will help you attract more people into your orbit and bring your message to the masses, because you will be the fullest embodiment of your mission and purpose.

The Retreat includes…

  • Shared accommodations in our stunning retreat home in Idyllwild, California (a limited number of private accommodations for couples are available).
  • GF + plant-based meals, prepared by Chef Ashlie Morgan.
  • 2 x 90-minute group Initiation sessions that take place prior to the retreat.
  • 1 x 1-hour 1:1 Initiation session that takes place prior to the retreat.
  • A powerful Activation session at the retreat.
  • A transformative full moon ceremony at the retreat.
  • 1 x 90-minute group Integration session, post-retreat.
  • 1 x 1-hour 1:1 Integration session, post-retreat.

Who are your facilitating leaders?

lead facilitator, Ruby Fremon

Ruby is here to give the world a voice. As a Top Breakthrough Coach and Activation Expert for purpose-driven leaders who are ready to bring their big missions into the spotlight, her no-bullshit approach ignites true transformation, while flipping fear into actualized ambition, and doubt into absolute confidence.

Ruby works with leaders, from artists to entrepreneurs, who are ready to activate their voice, unleash their missions, and gain the conviction to lead their purpose. Having worked with hundreds of clients, she is a catalyst for change and hugely successful at helping her clients embody radical resiliency and an unstoppable mentality.

Ruby is on a mission to help leaders activate their voice, their gifts, and their purpose. She recognizes that the world needs more authentic, heart-centered and genuine leaders to rise up to move the conscious collective forward, and is determined to support these leaders in building the conviction they need to do the work that they’re here to do. 

Named “An Inspirational Woman” by The Huffington Post and an “Icon of Influence” at the 2018 New Media Summit, Ruby is the visionary behind Amplified Soul Live®, an annual three-day transformative leadership event. She is the host of “Today’s Thought Leader” podcast, and uses her bold, no-nonsense approach to help leaders rise up, fulfill their missions and make their voices heard.

Guest Facilitator, Dr. Brett Jones

A visionary, an entrepreneur, a shaman, a father, a husband, and humble servant of the divine principles of life, Dr. Brett Jones is undoubtedly a rare and unique expression of a human. His artistry takes many forms from working hands on with people through chiropractic adjustments, speaking and teaching internationally, creating online programs that span the globe, educating through workshops and social media, connecting with his local community, and publishing his book “Know Who The F*ck You Are”.

After the tragic and sudden death of his brother at a young age, an event that forever changed the trajectory of his life, he spent years searching outside of self for connection. Struggle, grit, and hardwork propelled him into a collegiate football career in which Dr. Brett witnessed first hand the destructive path of prescription drug abuse and the limitations of the medical model. Looking for an alternative, chiropractic found him. The philosophy of chiropractic, is what set the stage for a life commitment to mastery of self, his craft, and raising the consciousness of humanity.

Through his constant pursuit of growth he is no stranger to overcoming the perceived limitations of the mind and body, and facilitating those same kinds of deep transformational experiences for others.

Food & Drink

With plant-based nourishment

created by Chef Ashlie Morgan

“This work absolutely was the catalyst that ignited me onto my path. It led me through a rapid transformation to pursue my ultimate vision, purpose, calling and dream life.”  

Jessica Forrest-Baldini

On a mission to commercialize clean technologies to reduce CO2 emissions & preserve the planet's biodiversity.

You’ll walk away from The Activation Retreat with…

  • A daily Activation practice that will help you elevate your mind, body, and spirit while anchoring you into your purpose.
  • A profound understanding of your gifts and the impact that they hold.
  • Clarity in the way in which you’re here to serve and show up for your mission.
  • A soul-aligned connection to your mission–the type of connection that offers expanded space for flow.
  • A community of like-minded leaders who see you and support you–a community that will help you rise higher.
  • An Activation that will provide you with the conviction needed to relentlessly and unapologetically lead your mission.
Truth Bombs

Here are the crucial truth bombs you need to know before you consider applying…

Ruby and her guest facilitators are here to act as your coaches, guides and mentors. They are here to shed light on your blocks and call you out on your bullshit while helping you rise up and stand strong as the leader you’re here to be. As such, all souls involved in The Activation Retreat must be open to all feedback and fully coachable.

The Activation Retreat is an investment of time, energy, and resources. This is a commitment that requires you to be fully present and fully engaged throughout the process, from the moment you invest in your seat.

The Activation Retreat experience is impacted by the collective energy of all the leaders involved, which is why we are being extremely selective in the application process. This is to protect the sacred nature of this container and all the souls within it, as well as to remain aligned and congruent with the vision of this divine journey.

Leadership isn’t for everyone. This work takes immense discipline, resiliency, and unwavering commitment to your cause. Simply put, leadership is not for those who are quick to call it quits or those who find comfort in sulking when things don’t go their way.

Are you ready to experience your Activation so you can embody your mission, deepen your spiritual practice, and activate your gifts?

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