Amplified Soul Live with Ruby Fremon - February 22-24, 2018

Amplify your Presence, Influence, and Impact.

February 22-24, 2019, Los Angeles, CA

You will walk away with tools to create influence and impact, and strategies to boldly stand out and be recognized for the work that you do. In addition to that, you’ll gain a new community of like-minds to support you along the way.

Calling all


Welcome to Amplified Soul LIVE with Ruby Fremon!

3-days that will provide you with the tools and strategies you need to craft your voice, stand out and courageously lead your mission.




In order to become a leading and sought-after expert in your industry, you need to amplify three things: Presence, Influence, and Impact.


Your presence has the power to attract OR repel your audience, whether you’re behind the screen, on stage or simply standing in a room. As a leader, your presence plays a massive role in your ability to build a following and create a movement. You will learn tools to help you recognize and master your presence so that you become noticed. Master your presence, and you will master your movement.


Influence sells. It creates movements, grows brands, and cultivates a following. With influence, you have the power to bring more people into your movement which helps to create a bigger impact. As such, influence is imperative for thought leadership. You will learn methodologies that will help you increase your level of influence so you can bring more people into your orbit.


What is the significance of your mission and your movement? What impression do you leave on those who come into contact with you–whether it’s online or offline? Impact matters. And the impact of your leadership will determine the outcome of your mission. You will learn strategies to help you widen the reach of your impact and become recognized for the work that you do.
This is a Transformative Experience


…Purpose-driven leaders, entrepreneurs, artists and creatives on a mission to shift the planet forward. You’ll experience a major upgrade, and gain lifelong relationships and incredible memories in a powerful and uplifting environment that will act as the catalyst for the elevated leader within you.

Highlights from ASL 2018

Who is this event for?

Amplified Soul Live has proven to be a pivotal experience for entrepreneurs, leaders, coaches, speakers, artists, creatives, influencers, and anyone that is determined to rise up as a thought leader in their industry so they can create a bigger and more meaningful impact that positively changes the lives of others.

ASL is NOT FOR: Those who hold themselves back, let their fears win, make excuses, are afraid to be authentic, avoid taking action, act as if they are not in control of their success and lifestyle, and believe in profit over purpose.

By Attending Amplified Soul,

You Will…


No more hiding your true voice. You will learn how to stand confidently in your truth, unapologetically own your voice and opinions, gain power through vulnerability, and show up authentically as a true thought leader.


Let’s dig into your fears, excuses, and other bullshit so you can recognize the real reasons you aren’t where you want to be with your life and mission. You’ll learn how to hack into your mind, conquer all your bullshit, and design an updated mindset that will help you breakthrough your visibility barriers.


It’s no longer just about monetary and physical gains; success redefined is about creating a life that feels meaningful; a life that will have you experiencing deep fulfillment, joy, purpose, and an expansion of time. You’ll learn exactly how to make this happen.


Experience momentum through integrative activities that will get you unstuck and moving. It is through this momentum that you will gain clarity on your vision and the impact that you’re here to create, while gaining direction on the next steps you need to take.


You’ll be surrounded by a community of ambitious-as-fuck people who are ready to support you, your vision, and your mission; people who will recognize the incredible potential within you, and encourage you to bring that to the surface.
Not like all the others

What Makes ASL Stand Out From Other Events and Conferences?


This isn’t a “ra-ra” event that will get you pumped up and excited, only to leave you feeling overwhelmed and frustrated a few weeks later. Rather than throw a bunch of tools at you, you will learn a small number of hugely impactful tools that you will integrate into your life DURING the 3-day experience. Integration is the key to creating real change in your life, so prepare to leave this event as a truly changed leader.


More speakers doesn’t mean more quality. In fact, it can often drown out impact by overloading you with “motivational-fluff”… and that’s not what ASL is all about. Expect to see a handful of consciously curated, influential speakers that walk-the-walk and have risen up into thought leadership by doing it their way. These speakers have been selected not just for their expertise, but because of the meaningful impact they’ve created by approaching leadership in their own unique way.


While there are many entrepreneurial and personal development events out there, this is an event that was created specifically for purpose-driven leaders; people who are seeking to rise up, be seen and create meaningful impact in the world. Whether you’re already in a position of leadership, or you’re a thought-leader-in-training, the content at ASL is dedicated to helping you stand out as a powerful and recognizable thought leader in your industry.


ASL is all about connection—real connection. The format of this event includes many intentional opportunities for connection, collaboration, and vulnerable sharing so you can establish true, meaningful relationships with people who will become your new support system.


Leadership isn’t all work. At ASL, we incorporate “play” to encourage you to feel more confident in your physical self while learning to embody leadership so you can create a bigger and more lasting impact with your following.
Amplified Soul Live is hands down the BEST training program for rising thought-leaders.

I was genuinely in awe of the content Ruby teaches – NO ONE is teaching this methodology of growing your courage, crafting your voice, and making an impact in the world.

If you’re a voice for good – and are so tired of all the cookie cutter marketing and business practices out there – this event is for you!

Alionka Polanco

Women's Success Coach

Amplified Soul Live is a leadership training program disguised as a contagious dance party. Get ready to get up off your feet, connect with like-minded peers, and let your voice finally be heard… all while having fun with that big Ruby smile on your face. ASL IS next generation thought leadership.
Cam Adair

Founder of Game Quitters

I attended ASL in 2018 I didn’t know what to expect, especially as one of the handful men in the room. I was pleasantly surprised by Ruby’s high and upbeat energy and her ability to keep the crowd moving and engaged. What absolutely floored me was the sharing and candidness of everyone at the conference. I found myself opening up and sharing aspects of my life that I have NEVER shared with anyone. I quickly found that this conference wasn’t for woman or men–it is for EVERYONE.

I arrived to ASL thinking I was an outsider, but I left as a member of a life-changing community that had such an amazing impact on my life. I was amazed! Thank you so much Ruby for ASL and what you teach. I will definitely be back this year and every year I can to this kick-ass conference!!

Brad Jones

Marque Media

Amplified Soul Live was a “Fuck Yes” experience!

Ruby brought the energy, wisdom and love to ignite the entire room, allowing us to cut ties with bullshit excuses that held us back. I went in excited to meet Ruby in the flesh, and she did not disappoint, and neither did high caliber people who showed up to the event. The tribe and community were established from our first moments together, and it allowed the safe space to open up, share and do some major clearing. I left vibrating at a higher frequency and everything we covered during our weekend together took myself and my business to a whole new level.

This event is a MUST if you’re ready to stop holding yourself back, step into your power and to do some big fucking things in the world! Don’t question it, just say “FUCK YES”!!

Lindsay Umlah

Holistic Health Coach and Founder of the “Loving Myself Loudly” movement

Ruby is a powerhouse of a teacher and facilitator. Her level of presence, heart, and passion are palpable from the moment she walks into the room. The insights and connections I made at her Amplify Soul Live event were nothing short of life changing! I cannot recommend her work enough for any man or woman who is looking to make genuine transformations in their life.
Jeffrey Platts

International Men’s Dating Coach & Speaker

Amplified Soul Live changed the entire direction of my purpose and my business. The quiet whisper of my soul in the six months prior to ASL became a roar within the container Ruby created. Following the event, I tore down my old PR business and rebuilt a brand around teaching the twin flame collective. Had I not attended ASL, I would still be spinning my wheels in book publicity and wondering why I wasn’t satisfied. Simply put, Amplified Soul Live enabled me to level up to the next stage in my soul’s evolution.
Cheryl Muir

Twin Flame Guide

I attended Amplified Soul Live as a guest speaker. On my arrival, I was immediately impressed with what Ruby had created. The attention to detail, the vibrant energy in the room, the quality of the swag! I’ve been in the transformational/personal development business for over 10 years, and what really got me was that while I was waiting for my stage time, I had to run out of the room and grab a journal to take notes on the brilliant content that was being presented.

Ruby is a gem. If you are considering coming out to ASL, let me give you a little nudge, do it! There was a smile on everybody’s face in the room, I have full trust that by coming out, you’ll be just as happy that you came.

Destin Gerek

Transformational Empowerment Coach

Amplified Soul Live radically shifted my life!

Ruby gave me the courage, the motivation, and the PUSH I needed to quit my 9-5. Less than 12 hours after I returned home from the event, I quit my FT job as a graphic designer and went FULL FORCE towards a life dedicated to helping entrepreneurial women with anxiety implement smart marketing strategies into their biz so they finally can gain the time for self-care while their business keeps THRIVING.

I can’t even begin to describe the praise I have for this woman, this event, this movement. I will most definitely be attending Amplified Soul Live 2018, and I hope you will too!

Marissa Pane

Life Coach and Business Strategist for service-based entrepreneurial women with anxiety


Special Guest Speakers & Performers


As a strategic advisor, speaker & alchemist, Nathaniel helps transformational leaders breakthrough to new levels of achievement and fulfillment with his Gammapreneur system.

With almost a decade of training and 1,000’s of students Nathaniel’s work spans from the most quantum to the most practical. His videos and programs have been seen by millions and his mission to elevate the human condition has created ripples across the world.

He leads workshops, retreats and intensives for high level achievers helping them build massive influence & income, but more importantly, being grounded in their heart and fully embodying their life’s purpose.


Alionka Polanco has a vision that women are going to heal and rule the world. Most recently seen as the closing ceremony speaker at Soul Camp, Alionka is an NYU-certified life and success coach who speaks internationally on the topics of entrepreneurship and spirituality.

Over the last five years, she has coached top performers in fields as diverse as sales execs at Google, Broadway stars, and business owners from Dubai to Australia, and everywhere in between. Connect with her on Facebook, Instagram (@alionkapolanco), or at


Amateo is a thought leader, crypto enthusiast and marketing expert. Having coached and consulted with over 100+ world-changing brands and game-changing entrepreneurs, he is now consulting and advising cryptocurrency companies.

Amateo ran a mastermind with 15+ leading visionary entrepreneurs, produced 20+ live events, transformational retreats, and 3-day seminars, and has over 5-million readers on conscious content. He is currently the Lead Marketing Director of Ethos – and brings his 10+ years of experience to scale the impact and awareness of the organizations he supports.

Luke Nesler

Hit Podcast Host – Author – Marketing Change Agent – Media Personality

Luke Nesler is the CEO of Impakt Media and host of the nationally known podcast, Attention Equals Dollars. Nesler is a digital marketing expert, keynote speaker, author and master of getting attention and turning it into cash. A marketing change agent, Luke has worked with brands like Major League Baseball, NBC Sports and Nissan Corporation to help them leverage social media to generate millions of dollars sales.

Luke was $30,000 in debt, sleeping on his office floor and in threat of losing his business in 2012. When he realized that his problem was not having the attention of the marketplace, Luke took to social media and discovered the impact that it had on his business. In 12 months Nesler took his business from failing to thriving using only social media to increase sales.

Luke now runs a multi-million dollar digital marketing agency. He travels that country teaching audiences how to use social media to gain attention and how they can turn that attention into revenue.

Luke’s marketing success stems from his philosophy, “Attention Equals Dollars”. Attention is the lifeblood of your business if you want to increase sales and grow your company.



FRIDAY FEB 22nd – RELEASE [Amplify Your Presence]
9:00am – 10:00am: Registration (breakfast included)
10:00am – 1:00pm: Morning Session
1:00pm – 2:30pm: Lunch Break
2:30pm – 6:00pm: Afternoon Session

SATURDAY FEB 23rd – RISE UP [Amplify Your Influence]
9:00am – 10:00am: Breakfast Social (food AND socializing!)
10:00am – 12:30pm: Morning Session
12:30pm – 2:00pm: Lunch Break
2:00pm – 5:00pm: Afternoon Session
5:00pm – 7:00pm: Dinner Break
7:00pm – 9:00pm: THE ACTIVATION

SUNDAY FEB 24th – AMPLIFY [Amplify Your Impact]
9:00am – 10:00am: Breakfast Social (food AND socializing!)
10:00am – 12:30pm: Morning Session
12:30pm – 2:00pm: Lunch Break
2:00pm – 4:00pm: Afternoon Session + Closing Ceremony


1256 W 7th Street Los Angeles, CA 90017

The 2019 event is being hosted at the recently redesigned Mayfair Hotel.

The Mayfair is where adventurous spirits come to have spirited adventures – a haven that attracts and creates culture. From artists and musicians to writers and performers, the crowd is always an eclectic mix of tastemakers and life tasters. An authentic and electric vibe sparks creativity, ignites passions, and blurs the lines between art and experience.

Designed by the visionary Gulla Jónsidóttir, The Mayfair’s nostalgic authenticity merges with a contemporary edge to create an experience that is as casually sophisticated as it is thoughtfully provocative.

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2 pre-event live trainings with Ruby

3 jam-packed days of training, guaranteed to help you amplify your presence, influence and impact

Post-event integration training with Ruby

Q+A sessions with all of our speakers

Gourmet healthy breakfast every day of the event

Swag bag filled with incredible goodies

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