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Conquer Your Bullshit with C.P.R.

A 3-part video training to help bring your message to the masses.

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This free training will help you take consistent action, gain visibility, and bring your message to the masses.

The social media landscape is a noisy world, making it tough to stand out.

Your habit of scrolling has intensified “comparison-itis” and you find yourself feeling more confused than ever about how to get your message heard.

The truth is… 
You’re getting in your own damn way.

Whether it’s a fear of failure, a fear of judgment, or a fear of being seen…

or perhaps a belief that you don’t know enough, that success is hard, or that you feel like an imposter.

Whatever it is… THIS is the bullshit that’s holding you back from creating the impact you KNOW you’re here to create.


You’re ready to create momentum to put yourself and your message out there in a bigger, bolder way.

You have a vision that’s worth pursuing, and you’re seeking to go after it while creating a thriving life that supports you.


By completing this training, you’ll gain the tools to conquer your bullshit so you can consistently put yourself out there, stand out from the crowd, and make your message heard.


C.P.R. is so much more than just a training–it’s a powerful tool that will help you conquer any fear or negative programming that is fighting to hold you back. This tool will change the way you show up for yourself, your message, and your audience.

You’ll also gain access to a supportive and like-minded group of impact makers who are determined to stand out and change the world.


This training will teach you how to:

  • Take consistent, daily action towards your vision
  • Magnify your online presence and gain visibility
  • Stand out and gain recognition for the work that you do
  • Conquer any fear or bullshit belief that stands between you and what you want–guaranteed

You have a message within you that has the power to impact millions.

And it’s your responsibility to bring that message to the masses.

“The Universe has put Ruby in my life for a reason. The free CPR training was incredible. It was informative. To the point. And validating. It allowed for me to bust through some core self limiting beliefs, and take action. In fact, it gave me the courage to take immediate action – and create a plan – in that one area of my life I have held fear and self doubt around. She has given me the courage to speak unapologetically. Stand in my truth. And share it with the world. To become a true thought leader. I am emerging into the best version of Alexis Nicole, and I would recommend the CPR training if you feel stuck, unsure, or stagnant. Ruby is changing lives you guys. Get on board.”

Alexis Nicole

Are you ready to take consistent action, gain visibility, and bring your message to the masses?

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