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The countdown is officially on… The holiday season is upon us! YIKES!

Why does the sight of Christmas decor around the city freak me out? And why does the sound of holiday music in stores make me shake with anxiety? If I had to sum things up in a nutshell… It would go something like this: The holiday season stresses me OUT!

Ironic isn’t it? How can a time of year that represents love and togetherness be so stressful? For me, the holidays create anxiety for the following reasons:

  • Not enough me-time
  • Feeling spread too thin
  • Lack of self-care due to the busyness of the season
  • Food (omg the food!) – overeating, indulging, and then feeling like crap about myself
  • Having to deal with difficult family members that don’t see things the way I do

Sound familiar?

Although it’s nice to get the whole family together for the holidays, it can feel difficult because you’re not used to being in each other’s presence for too long. Perhaps there are some hidden expectations, shame or guilt buried deep in your family relationships? Or, you have trouble setting healthy boundaries with family members; boundaries that will help preserve your values and inner beliefs.

Here are my tips on dealing with difficult people… Or as I like to say, people who don’t live life the way you do:

  • You can approach every conversation (or confrontation) in one of 2 ways: with fear, or with love. Drop the fear and start oozing love by connecting to the love within you. Easier said than done, I know… but if you want to create more ease in these conversations, you’ve got to refrain from escalating fear; choose to escalate love instead.
  • Set up healthy boundaries for these difficult relationships, and understand what that boundary is protecting. Boundaries are a good thing! They help establish the manner in which you would like to be treated. If you don’t set them, people will feel as though they can treat you as they see fit – don’t allow that to happen! Be assertive and start establishing healthy, loving boundaries.

In regards to self-love and self-care… There’s a reason why so many of us create insane workout goals in January – because we fall off track in December! What if we could maintain our healthy routines while still allowing ourselves to indulge a little during the holidays? How awesome would that feel!

Take a peek through these simple yet effective self-love and self-care tips:

  • Shorten your routines! Whether it’s working out, journaling, meditation, or another form of self-care act, just shorten the time spent on it so it does fit into your busy holiday season. After all, a short routine is better than no routine at all.
  • Incorporate quickie meditations! Don’t have time for a 5 or 10 minute meditation? Try a 3 minute meditation! It’s amazing how grounded we can become after only 3 minutes of meditating time.
  • Respect your dietary needs while still enjoying holiday treats. Simply stated… if you feel guilty or ashamed, don’t eat it. Only eat when you feel love towards your food! Bless your food, and understand that it’s there to nourish you, not make you feel bad.
  • Give yourself permission to do less and enjoy more! The holidays are meant to be fun, so allow yourself the freedom to enjoy them.

And finally, the biggest, juiciest tip of all…

Your holiday experience is created by you! If you choose to manifest a miserable holiday season, that’s exactly what you’ll get! But if you choose to manifest a beautiful, joyful, loving holiday season, you’ll receive just that – because you create that experience!

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The holiday season can create a lot of stress and unwanted anxiety. Learn how you can create a healthier, happier holiday season by incorporating more love. |


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