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Kambo is derived from the secretion of the Amazonian phyllomedusa bicolor frog. These frogs have no known predators and are found in abundance throughout the Amazon rainforest. There are even sections of the Amazon rainforest that serve as protected land for these incredible creatures.

Amazonian tribes refer to Kambo as “hunting magic” and have used it for centuries to heighten their senses, energize their bodies and boost stamina. It’s also used as a jungle supplement to treat infections, malaria, fever, snake bites, and to clear ‘panema’ which means negative or darker energies, or bad luck. 

The secretion of these frogs contains a potent combination of bioactive peptides and neuropeptides that offer powerful healing benefits for the mind, body, and spirit. Italian pharmacologist, scientist, chemist, and 2 time Nobel Prize winner, Vittorio Erspamer described Kambo as a “fantastic chemical cocktail with potential medical applications, unequaled by any other amphibian.” Vittorio was the first person to research Kambo in a lab setting and was also responsible for the discovery of the well-known neurotransmitter, serotonin, as well as the identification, synthesis, and pharmacological studies of 60 new chemical compounds. 

The peptides found in Kambo are readily absorbed in the human body and perform a range of beneficial functions to prevent disease while enhancing and optimizing the nervous system, gastrointestinal system, cardiovascular system, and immune system.


Produces contraction at the smooth muscle level and increases secretions of the entire gastrointestinal tract such as the salivary glands, stomach, small and large intestine, pancreas and gallbladder. These peptides work to induce the deep purge that takes place in a Kambo session.
Both are potent vasodilators, increasing the permeability of the blood-brain barrier for their own access, as well as for that of other active peptides. They also have antimicrobial and antifungal properties.
These peptides have chains of 40 amino acids with myotropic properties on the smooth muscles, producing a contraction of the colon and urinary bladder. They produce a drop in blood pressure accompanied by tachycardia. They stimulate the adrenal cortex and pituitary gland, contributing to greater sensory perception and increased resistance. Both peptides possess a great analgesic power, contributing to the increase of physical strength, the capacity to confront physical pain, stress, disease, and diminish the symptoms of fatigue. In the medical field, this family of peptides contributes to improved digestion and has analgesic properties against pain in the renal colic, pain due to peripheral vascular insufficiency and tumor pain.
Small peptides composed of 7 amino acids. They are selective agonists of the opiate receptors, 4000 times more potent than morphine and 40 times more potent than the endogenous endorphins.
These work on the human body through the adenosine receptors, a fundamental component throughout all human cellular fuel. These receptors may offer a target for the treatment of depression, stroke, and cognitive diseases such as Alzheimer’s Disease and Parkinson’s.
These peptides are part of a broad spectrum of antimicrobial peptides involved in the frog’s defence against microbial invasion. These are the first vertebrate peptides that show lethal effects against filamentous fungi responsible for severe opportunistic infections which accompany immunodeficiency syndrome and the use of immunosuppressive agents. They also show lethal effects against a broad spectrum of bacteria, fungi, yeasts, and protozoa.
Several years of research carried out at the University of Paris have shown that peptides Dermaseptin B2 and B3 are effective in killing certain types of cancer cells. A researcher at Queens University in Belfast won a prestigious award for his ground-breaking work with cancer and Kambo. It’s action mechanism is produced by inhibiting the angiogenesis of tumor cells with selective cytotoxicity for these cells.

These peptides have similar properties and structure to human bradykinin. They are hypotensive, and due to producing vasodilation, they support contraction of the non-vascular smooth muscle, increase vascular permeability, and are related to the mechanism of inflammatory pain.

These peptides stimulate the secretion of hydrochloric acid by acting on the G cells of the stomach. They also increase pancreatic secretion, intestinal myoelectric activity, and smooth muscle contractility.
They stimulate gastric, bile, and pancreatic secretions, and certain smooth muscles. They could be used in the paralytic ileus and as a diagnostic medium in pancreatic dysfunction.
These are neuropeptides consisting of 4-14 amino acids, which are opening up new perspectives on how the human brain works.


There are many different benefits of Kambo that range from physical to mental to emotional and even spiritual. In its indigenous use, it’s considered to be a medicine. However, in western society, we cannot technically deem this as a medicine, although anyone who has ever experienced the potency of Kambo will attest to its ability to provide relief from physical ailments.

The peptides found in Kambo offer a promising treatment for the following physical conditions: 


Chronic pain

Lyme disease

Fertility problems

Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease
Heavy or painful periods
Mold toxicity
Chronic fatigue syndrome

C**** ‘long haul’

Gut and digestive issues

Boost the immune system


Thyroid issues

Autoimmune diseases

Cancer (tumors)

Organ disease
Blood circulation problems

Kambo also provides energetic support with the following:

Release stuck, stagnant, and dense energies.
Increase energy and stamina.
Reignite inspiration and creativity.
Deepen self-awareness.
Gain the fortitude to courageously face difficulties and adversity.
Process grief, anger, and other repressed emotions.
Heightened clarity.
Heighten spiritual gifts and awareness.
Boost self-love
Develop a healthy connection to your body
Increased appreciation and gratitude for life
Release repressed trauma
Feel supported through life transitions
Breakthrough self-destructive behaviors and patterns
Cultivate new perspectives and visions for the future


My Kambo ceremonies are 2 hours in duration and they’re held with deep reverence. I consider this to be some of the most sacred work I do, and as such, I am devoted to creating a ceremonial space that feels loving, nourishing, and healing so that you leave feeling seen, supported, and held.

As for the actual experience of Kambo, it is applied safely through small blister points referred to as ‘gates.’ The gates are created using a natural incense stick and are not deep. Only the top layer of the skin is burned, revealing shiny skin similar to what you’d see if you popped a blister.

For a basic Kambo session, 3-5 gates are opened. Once the gates are opened, you will be asked to drink 1/2 to 3/4 liters of water prior to the application of the Kambo dots. Once the Kambo is applied to the gates, you’ll start feeling effects within a couple of minutes. The effects come on strong but do not last very long and will dissipate within 20-25 minutes. You’ll first experience a warm flushing sensation throughout your entire body. After this, you’ll feel your heart rate increase slightly with a slight throbbing sensation in your ears and head. Your lips and tongue may also feel numb or tingly. From here, you’ll start to feel dizzy or lightheaded, which is then followed by the onset of flu-like symptoms where you may find yourself feeling weak, achy, exhausted, and nauseous. You may feel the urge to purge but it’s important to understand that purging is not required to receive the benefits of Kambo. Once the Kambo is applied to your skin and enters your system, the benefits take effect.

Purging is caused by the activation of the chemoreceptor zone (area postrema) of your brain, which is triggered by the introduction of toxins in the system. Once the chemoreceptor zone has been activated, it stimulates the vomiting centre to initiate an emetic response which leads to feelings of nausea and can often lead to purging. If you do purge, you’ll find the purge to be easy due to the water that is consumed prior to the application of Kambo, and what you do purge is a mixture of water and bile. What you need to understand is that purging bile in a Kambo ceremony is simply the body’s emetic response while vomiting on an empty stomach. There is no scientific evidence that toxins are being expelled from the body during a Kambo purge–that is your liver’s job, and it does this daily.

After the purge, you’ll start to feel the flu-like symptoms dissipate and will be left feeling relaxed and may even experience a bliss-like state. Most clients will regain their strength within 30-45 minutes, while for some, it could take upwards of a couple hours. But what’s for certain is that you’ll experience the benefits of Kambo the next day, and will continue to experience these benefits for days or weeks after your session.

Wow! This is how my body is supposed to feel and communicate! My body feels recalibrated and I now have the ability to listen to the signals it’s sending. Feeling this in tune and connected with my body brings tears to my eyes.

Ruby provided warm energy where I felt safe to allow myself to be held. 

I experienced beautiful, healing insights and had a much-needed emotional release. I also loved the questions that Ruby asked as they helped build awareness and strengthen my connection to myself. Pretty immediately post-ceremony, I felt lighter and had increased mental clarity.

Kambo and Ruby helped set a new baseline for my overall well-being. 

Kristin Birdwell

My private Kambo ceremony with Ruby felt very collaborative. She checked in with me often and my apprehension was mitigated by her calming energy and her patience in answering my many questions.

Ruby is knowledgeable, thoughtful, and highly intuitive. I felt safe and fully supported. She explained in detail what to expect physiologically. Understanding what was happening to my body allowed me to just let that be and pay closer attention to what was coming up mentally and spiritually.

Most of all, I didn’t feel like I was sitting with a practitioner – I felt like I was with an old friend who knew exactly how to hold space for me.

January Rizzo

I was nervous going into my 3-day Kambo Sacred Trinity with Ruby as this was my first experience with Kambo, but I knew in my heart that she was the person to guide me on this journey. Ruby guides with grounded strength but also embodies a feeling of Divine love and compassion. There was a steadiness in her presence and a beautiful flowy feeling to her energy.

The space she held felt safe and nurturing which helped me go really deep. I felt so supported by her amazing ability to coach me through the process. 

I left feeling clearer, stronger and so supported. I experienced genuine gratitude for this human experience, I feel more connected to the collective, and my heart feels more at peace.

Dajon Ferrell

Trusting Ruby is easy to do. She had a very intuitive way of gently stepping into my Kambo adventure with me, bringing us both into a sacred ceremony with honor.

She supported my experience without intrusion and allowed it to unfold naturally while offering her own insightfulness to help explore and integrate my experience.

Ruby holds great respect for Kambo and also adds her own lovely 5-star touch of class with her care and professional standards.

I am grateful to Ruby and Kambo, and the magic I received feels like unconditional love.

Penelope T.


My private Kambo ceremonies are 2-hours and they include the following:

  • A 30-minute initiation session, hosted prior to your initial ceremony, via Zoom. The purpose of this session is to connect and set intentions for your Kambo ceremony.
  • A sacred ceremony space (in my home), blessed with a prayer to support your intentions.
  • Spring water + coconut water.
  • Energetic cleansing with Sage and Palo Santo upon your arrival.
  • Sananga served to help clarify your vision and spirit.
  • Rapé served to help ground your energy.
  • 20-minute sit with Kambo.
  • Integration with tea/juice and snacks right after receiving Kambo.
  • Follow-up conversation via email to check in on your integration.
  • My coaching, mentorship, and psychic gifts are all utilized throughout our journey together.

Unlike group Kambo sessions, this is a personalized journey where you will receive one-on-one support to help you reach greater depths in your healing process. 

Your investment for a single ceremony is $444.

If you choose to continue your Kambo journey with me after our initial session, you can choose from one of the following packages which offer discounted rates:

3 Ceremony Package = $1199 
5 Ceremony Package = $1975

FYI: The most effective way to work with Kambo is through a Sacred Trinity which is a total of three ceremonies held over three days. Working with Kambo in this way creates a potent reset of all your systems—mind, body, and spirit. This is especially effective at treating physical conditions and dis-ease in the body, as well as anxiety and depression. 


STEP 1: Complete the pre-screening + contraindications waiver.
STEP 2: Make your exchange + schedule your Kambo Ceremony.
STEP 3: Set up your 30-minute Initiation Session.


Is Kambo legal?
Yes, it is legal in the U.S. and most other countries. And as long as we continue to practice responsible facilitation of Kambo, it will remain legal. This is another reason to seek out trained practitioners with in-person experience
Who shouldn’t take Kambo and are there any contraindications?

The following is a list of contraindications for Kambo: 

  • Serious heart problems (i.e. major heart surgery, coronary stent)
  • Ehlers Danlos Syndrome
  • Currently taking medication for low blood pressure
  • History of stroke
  • History of brain hemorrhage
  • Aneurysm or blood clots
  • Serious mental health problems such as bipolar, BPD, schizophrenia. 
  • Within 6 weeks of chemotherapy.
  • Currently taking immunosuppressants for organ transplant
  • Addison’s Disease
  • Epilepsy
  • Recovering from a major surgical procedure (must wait a minimum of 6 months before receiving Kambo) 
  • Recently taken Bufo of 5-MeO-DMT (must wait a minimum of 6 weeks before receiving Kambo)
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding
Have there been any scientific research studies on Kambo?

There are quite a few studies that have been done on Kambo since the first samples were brought into the U.S. by the award-winning investigative journalist, Peter Gorman and anthropologist, Katharine Milton. Here are a few of those studies:  

Antitumor and Angiostatic Activities of the Antimicrobial Peptide Dermaseptin B2


Deltorphins: a family of naturally occurring peptides with high affinity and selectivity for delta opioid binding sites


Medusins: A new class of antimicrobial peptides from the skin secretions of phyllomedusine frogs


Potential therapeutic applications of multifunctional host-defense peptides from frog skin as anti-cancer, anti-viral, immunomodulatory, and anti-diabetic agents


How should I prepare for my Kambo ceremony?

Set a clear intention and come into your ceremony with an open mind and open heart. You will be required to fast prior to sitting with Kambo and details for that will be provided to you upon booking your ceremony date.

What is Sananga?

These are very potent eye drops which enhance vision (in the 3D world and in spiritual dimensions,) increase energy, provide pain relief, and with regular use, may permanently improve one’s vision. Sananga is commonly offered prior to a Kambo session because it can assist you in getting out of your head and back into your body. It also provides a path to entering a meditative state, leading you to feel more calm and relaxed, releasing all anxiety and worries. A typical Sananga experience lasts between 10-15 minutes and will leave you feeling ready for Kambo.

What is Rapé?

Rapé is a sacred shamanic snuff that has been used by multiple tribes of the Amazon for hundreds and possibly thousands of years. Tobacco is used as the base for most rapés for it’s protective qualities. In the Amazon, tobacco is revered as a protector and is used to clear out dense energies and dark entities. The ashes of medicinal plants and trees are added to create different blends of rapé, which each offer different benefits and qualities. Rapé holds a powerful grounding quality and depending on the blend, it can also support alertness, focus, and connection to spirit by opening the third eye or crown chakra. Rapé is administered by blowing it into the nostrils, via a kuripe for self-administration or a tepi if it’s administered by someone else.


Ruby does not provide medical advice or claims. While clients do experience incredible healing benefits with Kambo and her other holistic offerings, these experiences are personal testimonials.

Proud to be a Tribal Detox trained Kambo Practitioner. Our focus as practitioners is to prioritize responsible Kambo application and client safety.

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