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Welcome to our journey. As your Coach, Mentor, and Spiritual Guide, I will help you dive deeper than ever so you can rise higher than ever. This is about you coming face-to-face with all that makes you who you are today, so you can acknowledge the untruths that you’ve been living, break free from the old patterns that you’ve been replaying, and reclaim your potency. 


You’ve been diluting yourself for far too long. 


Whether it’s a habit of people-pleasing, fear of judgment, trauma, or an ancestral wound that is holding you back from living your truth and leading your Dharma… It’s time for you to journey within so you can uncover who you be, reimagine your relationship with God, and reclaim your potency.


It’s for purpose-driven humans who are ready to stop performing and start BEING. It’s for those who have devoted themselves to serving others and want their life to be about more than just the external definition of success. It’s for leaders who yearn to go deeper into their inner work so they can show up for themselves, their Dharma, and those they serve with more integrity and reverence.



It’s a space for you to feel seen, heard, and understood. It’s a space for you to lean in, be held, and be held accountable. And it’s a space that welcomes all of you–the light, the shadows, and the darkness.


It’s time for you to feel free in every way. It’s time for you to embrace all parts of yourself–the dark, the light, and the shadowy space in between. It’s time for you to lead your Dharma with absolute clarity and conviction. It’s time for you to build your life and legacy your way, in full alignment with your truth. It’s time for you to be successful on your own terms. It’s time for you to feel the breadth of support that comes through God’s love. It’s time for you to experience the joy that comes through true spiritual liberation. It’s time for you to stop diluting who you are and start owning your potency.




Nobody needs a coach.

Fact. Coaching is for those who are seeking to go deep in order to reach the next stage of their conscious evolution.

I’m here to serve you, not please you.

Powerful coaching occurs when your coach guides you into the conversations that you’ve been most afraid to have.

Discomfort is part of the process.

Facing your shadows, meeting your darkness, and healing trauma is not easy, yet this is the work.

Every conversation presents an opportunity.

Enter each and every single coaching conversation with the intention of being fully present to whatever may arise.

Coaching is built to challenge you.

This is not for those who are seeking a magic-button. Coaching invites you to put in the effort required to create the results you seek.

Truth wins.

Despite how uncomfortable or unbearable a truth may feel, powerful coaching is about showing you what you have yet to see, or telling you what others have not dared to say.

Spiritual Growth is the only objective.

Nothing else matters.

Your results are your responsibility.

You are responsible for showing up in a way that will lead you to the fulfillment of your vision.

Integration is necessary.

Results require application, not just learning.

Devotion is required.

You must be devoted to your growth, evolution, and healing. Without devotion, there is no commitment. 

What My Client’s Have Said…

For the first time, ever, I can actually see what my future is — and I’m really excited.”


Ruby helped me make it possible. She didn’t make it possible for me. She helped me make it possible.”


You deserve everything and more, and it starts with you giving yourself the permission to live fully.”


I knew there was more to learn, there was more to achieve, and there was more to be.



A 2-hour intuitive session to guide you into alignment by shedding light on that which you have yet to see.

Whether you feel stuck, uncertain, or are experiencing resistance, you’ll receive the clarity you need to take that first step forward onto a path that is aligned with your true self. 

These sessions may also be used to support you with the integration of plant and amphibian medicines.


6 months of deep support and guidance to help you cultivate depth in your presence, and intimacy + integrity in your life and leadership. 

This journey is designed to guide you inwards to support you in cultivating a deeply intimate relationship with yourself while bringing you face-to-face with your truth. Through our journey together, you will create a life that feels aligned and joy-FULL while learning how to lead with absolute integrity. All sessions will be hosted via Zoom.


6 months of ceremony and deep inner work to initiate a rebirth that is fully aligned with your truth and Dharma.

The Sacred Initiation combines Zoom sessions with sacred medicine ceremonies in intimate spaces that offer you the space to come completely undone. This work is here to help you develop a healthy relationship with your shadows and cultivate a deep understanding of who you are so you can rise up as the leader you truly know yourself to be. 

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