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My Story

We all struggle with being ourselves in a world, a society, a culture that wants us to be something else. We’ve been taught, trained, and programmed to show up in a certain way, in order to be liked and loved by others.


We bring that into our businesses and into our leadership.

But leadership isn’t about pleasing. It’s about LEADING.


This is my story. And this is my journey of unleashing my potency.

Phase One began when I was just a 13-year-old girl struggling with depression and anxiety at a time when no one talked about these issues — especially as an Indian woman living in my culture and community. I married young, at age 20, and that was when shit really hit the fan.

PTSD and fibromyalgia entered the picture, as did a slew of prescription medications, the addiction to benzos that followed, and unsuccessfully attempting suicide.

When I realized I was still alive, I changed my path. I sought holistic support and naturopathic remedies. I left my husband after five years of marriage. But it didn’t work. I entered the nightlife scene as a marketing director, and drugs were everywhere. I became an addict again without even knowing it, numbing out from the pain of a diluted potency.

It was literally killing me.

In fact, it almost did. In 2012, I fainted at a club, knocked myself unconscious, and post-concussion syndrome pushed me into a manic-depressive state. When I received proper medical help, they discovered lurking nerve damage, medicated me correctly and that’s when my life started to change.

I moved away from my life in Vancouver, B.C. and relocated to Los Angeles after meeting my future husband, Kevin, on Twitter. There, I found my voice, uncovered my purpose, and started gaining visibility.

But after a couple years, I found myself hitting the same damn wall, repeating the same cycle of hustle and burnout. I no longer wanted to sacrifice my health for my business. I realized that despite having all the best strategies and tools, it all came down to WHO YOU BE. I realized that I had been diluting my potency and sharing a filtered version of who I was.


Enter Phase Two, which is where YOU may find yourself today.

For the first time in my healing journey, I truly devoted myself to the inner-work, diving deeper than ever before. I started a profound exploration with plant-medicine that led me to a 14-day plant-medicine journey in the Amazonian jungles of Peru with the Shipibo Tribe, and there, I uncovered my lack of self-trust.

I saw all the ways in which this was impacting me and my life — from my perfectionism and my need to control, to my desire to know the exact plan to do things the ‘right’ way, to my false identity that had me posturing, editing and filtering myself in life and in business.

I did not trust myself. And once I gained the ability to see this lack of self-trust, I saw it in everything that I was doing and all the versions of me that I was being. I used to think that the external work would get me the results I desired. I used to think that my gifts were only worthy when they were in demand. I used to think that the more followers I had, the more income I’d make.



Now I know differently. The inner-work creates the results I desire. My gifts are powerful and transformational, no matter what the demand. The number of followers doesn’t matter. What matters is connection, intimacy, loyalty, and truly taking the time to SEE and hear my audience and clients.

You cannot perform your way to leadership. You either are a leader, or you’re not. Don’t just talk about it. Be about it.



With this realization, I finally woke up. The false identity was gone. I stepped into my potency and a life lived unapologetically. I felt free in every way.

Today, I am owning my potency and helping leaders unleash theirs, while leading my purpose with absolute conviction. I am building my movement my way. I am successful on my own terms. I am no longer diluting who I am.

And I want the same for you.

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