Potent Leaders - Ruby Fremon


For the leader who is ready to pave the way for humanity with absolute integrity.

4-Month Group Mentorship Experience WITH RUBY FREMON

You’re aware of the recent shifts in our world and recognize how these shifts have impacted humanity. You’ve observed the performances that are taking place in leadership and are devoted to redefining what it truly means to be a leader, by being that leader.


You’re devoted to your inner-work and are ready to gain a deeper understanding of who you BE so you can weave your medicine into your leadership.


You feel called to evolve your business in a way that feels aligned with your true essence so you can better serve humanity.


You’re ready to take a stand for our world by being a fully expressed and fully embodied leader.


And you’re craving to surround yourself with like-minded leaders who see the world as you do.



Welcome to Potent Leaders

This is a 4-month group mentorship experience that is here to support you in rising up as a leader with integrity during a time when our world needs you the most.


Your initiation into a greater depth of leadership. In order to rise higher, you must be willing to dive deeper. This is about creating expansion within yourself, and not just distance with your external achievements.


Building a foundation for yourself, your leadership, and your legacy. Understanding your values and what you hold most sacred in your life so you can lead with alignment from your heart, not your head.


Reclaiming all that makes you who you BE so you can start showing up unapologetically. No more playing small. No more holding back. This is about you standing with absolute conviction as a leader.


Becoming the fullest embodiment of your work. Ensuring that you truly embody everything you stand for, as well as everything you teach, preach, and share. This is about cultivating a profound sense of congruence, integrity, and authenticity so you can rise as a Potent Leader.

You will walk away from this experience with…


The confidence and conviction to lead your movement, your way.


Clarity on your unique medicine and how you’re truly meant to serve humanity.


A true understanding of who you BE so you can unapologetically lead with your truth.


Deepened growth so you can lead your business and movement with radical integrity.


A business that feels totally aligned with you.

And you will leave this experience feeling fully embodied, fully expressed, and potent AF.

Because of Potent Leaders, I am better equipped to embody the leader I was born to be. Ruby guides this container with conviction and compassion and is not afraid to light a fire or encourage rest as needed. Whatever you need, she’ll help you get out of your own way so you can get it. The support of other leaders throughout the 4-months really makes this group coaching experience worthwhile. I highly recommend Potent Leaders to leaders ready to take their life and business to the next level.

Jesse Simpson

Transformational Coach + Retreat Facilitator, Host of The Action Hour Podcast

Potent Leaders supported me in remembering why I do what I do, who I am at my core, and feeling confident in sharing it unapologetically.

Being in Ruby’s container by itself is a teaching. The way she holds space, her presence, her authenticity, her depth and her devotion to her soul’s message already show the way. Here we can be totally transparent and still be seen and feel like the best version of ourselves. Deep thanks to Ruby for walking your talk so potently and gracefully. And thank you for being this amazing leader and human being.

Lucille Fauque

Founder of Alive Breathwork

Before joining the container, I wasn’t fully unapologetically myself. I was hiding out of fear and afraid of not being enough. After 1.5 months, I began to share my truth in ways I have never before. I felt myself becoming more sovereign as a person and I’m grateful to have Ruby as the supporting mentor behind my transformation.

I cannot thank Ruby enough for her mentorship, guidance and coaching during these 4 months. She is a heart-centered leader whose embodiment empowers others to stand for their truth and speak their truth with integrity, congruency, and grace. For anyone who desires working with Ruby on their personal leadership, integrity, and congruence — she is the one. 

Axtaxia Kara

Soul Purpose Coach @axtaxiakara

I was inspired by the way Ruby so consistently and courageously shares her truth and perspective publicly. I had held a deep fear around doing the same for a long time and felt a desire to learn from someone who was communicating and embodying her truth so potently.

I have been a part of many containers that lacked direction, focus, and clarity, and I felt that this would be very different. I felt that Ruby’s coherence and clarity would help me become more intentional in my offerings and being.

The Potent Leaders experience helped me shift out of my false ego desire to be an “influencer” and gain a large following. This reconnected me with my true inner desire to be myself and share in a way that feels natural without thought to how others will perceive it.

I also shifted from distraction and avoidance into a deep focus and understanding of Faith and the power of believing in my own infinite potential while acting upon the creative inspiration that overflows from within.

I feel inspired and humbled and extremely gratitude to have been with everyone in this journey!

Lance Stukaloff

Creator, Real Estate Developer + Advisor, and Retreat Facilitator @iam.lancelot

As a member, you will have access to…

  • A 1-hour one-on-one Initiation session.
  • Weekly 75-minute group Activation sessions.
  • Our private Discord group for coaching, support, and connection between sessions.
  • A 1-hour one-on-one Integration session.
  • A community of like-minded leaders who see you and ‘get’ you.

$3,333 pay in full OR 3 payments of $1200

The next round of Potent Leaders begins in April 2024.

It feels incredible, as a client, to be held in a container where the coach doesn’t judge you, wish you were further along, or put herself on a pedestal. Ruby connects with us as fellow humans with her masterful coaching skills. It’s the first time I’ve experienced this type of energy in a coach, as well as how embodied she is with her coaching. She is not regurgitating something. She is a living transmission and her presence alone is transformative. She holds space for whatever comes up and helps us see things clearly. She allows our own process to unfold within the Potent Leaders journey. No fluff, but rather straight-to-the-point information every week as well as simple but potent integration work. It feels light, doable, and she invites us to have a deeper devotion to our work and contribution. We know what to focus on week after week. She holds space for leaders and we are always welcome to ask for support. I don’t feel like I am just a number. I feel like she truly cares about me and my success. It feels sacred and devotional–coming home to who we are.

Kathleen Parent

Intuitive Coach

I felt like I was already on the path to not giving a fuck about others opinions, but after working with you, I can honestly say that I have never felt more comfortable in my own skin: who I am, what I stand for and who my tribe is.

Andrea Feldman

Holistic Health Consultant

Potent Leaders reignited my inner flame. It’s a thought-provoking incubator that helped me dive deep to bring powerful insights to the work that I’m doing and has allowed me the safe and supportive space to integrate and embody them in order to bring them to the world in a new and potent way.

Sarah Ashman

Brand Strategist + Creative Catalyst


Potent Leaders is for entrepreneurial leaders who have been running their businesses for at least one year. It’s for leaders who are seeking a more organic and authentic way to elevate their presence, deepen their leadership, and expand their business.

Many leaders who have taken part in the Potent Leaders experience have done so after working with multiple business coaches only to hate the cookie-cutter approaches that they’ve been shown. This experience will help you lead your business with absolute alignment to your unique values and vision, as well as rise up as a leader with undeniable integrity during a time that has most people negotiating integrity.

If you are an experienced entrepreneurial leader who values integrity, authenticity, and freedom, and you’re ready to pave the way for humanity during these turbulent times… you’re in the right place.


We will meet as a group once a week for our weekly 75-minute Activation Sessions. You will also receive a 1 hour one-on-one Initiation Session which is hosted within the first two weeks, and a 1 hour one-on-one Integration Session hosted at the end. 

When you commit to this experience, you’re also committing to being present for your fellow leaders which requires regular check-in’s on Slack and offering support to them (not just receiving support.)

In addition to your one-on-one sessions, our weekly sessions, and Slack check-in’s, you’ll also receive invitations for Integration Work to help you create the changes and shifts that you seek within your leadership and your business. The integration work should take you no longer than 1.5 hours per week. 


The weekly 75-minute group sessions will take place on Tuesdays at 9 am PST / 11 am CST / 12 pm EST.

You will be responsible for booking your one-on-one Initiation and Integration sessions.

(If your timezone is not listed here, please use an online time conversion tool.)


As a member of Potent Leaders, you are committing to your inner work, your Integration work, being present for all group sessions, and being in community with your fellow leaders. 

If you have to miss a session, I understand. Shit happens. However, you must let us know at least 24 hours in advance via Slack. This is a collective experience, meaning we are co-creating the Potent Leaders journey. This is not a container for wallflowers or lurkers. The Potent Leaders container is for ACTIVE participants who are devoted to the experience. 


The next round begins in April 2024. Enrollment closes on March 26, 2024.

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