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I used to be such a people pleaser… shoving my truth aside… neglecting my needs… playing small. But that got me nowhere. In fact, it propelled me into a life that felt pretty damn awful. My self-worth was shot, and my life was filled with toxic people and abusive relationships. Striving to make others happy only pushed me to sacrifice MY happiness… and that sucked the life out of me.

Needless to say, I changed. I began honoring my truth, prioritizing my needs, and playing big… really big. I’ve come to realize that our potential truly IS limitless!

The ONLY limits we experience are the limits we place upon ourselves.

THAT is my truth.
But this truth seems to piss a lot of people off. If you follow me on social media, you know that I post a lot of inspirational and motivational posts. I also share things like this in Facebook groups, and last week, a couple of my posts in an entrepreneurial women’s Facebook group seemed to piss off a lot of women.

WHAT in the world did I post?

I shared something about our ability to have it all without sacrifice…

That I believe that we CAN have it all and that the only reason people don’t, is because they don’t believe they can. Believing that you CAN have it all is the fuel that you need to get there. I know this because I am living proof.

Whoa baby was I shocked at some of the responses and posts that followed…

Women calling me inauthentic. Women accusing me of dangerously misleading other women. Women calling me irresponsible for posting such a thing. Women frantically sharing their stories, trying to PROVE how impossible it is to have it all.

I was shocked.

At first, I went back to that place of people-pleasing… I felt bad and I wanted to make them feel better. But then I remembered something…

I didn’t get to this point in my life by pleasing people. I got here by following MY heart and building a life that truly felt GOOD to me. From a life of alcohol, drugs, depression, and abuse, to the beautiful life I live today… I created that “I-have-it-all” feeling in my life by dropping my victim story, taking back my power, and honoring MY truth.

So I said fuck it.
These women were simply in a different place in their journey, and I totally honor and respect that. After all, I was also in that place for years.

But MY truth is this:

You CAN have it all without sacrificing a damn thing.

The key is understanding—TRULY understanding what it is that you want and WHY you want it. Most people don’t know this. They THINK they do, but they don’t. They believe they NEED a certain amount of money, things, stuff, accolades to FEEL fulfilled, but the reality is…

We create that feeling of fulfillment within us, and it all begins with self-love.

When you cultivate a deep, loving relationship with yourself, you uncover YOUR truths; you unearth your true needs, wants, and desires. You understand how you truly want your life to look and WHY you want it to look that way. Self-love helps you create better choices… choices that will help you build your ideal life. 

For example… You can CHOOSE to maintain a healthy work/life balance. You don’t need to sacrifice one for the other. You CAN have both! But you must BELIEVE that you can have both and make daily choices that align with that belief.

I have it all, without sacrifice.
I have a successful, purposeful career that I am passionate about.
I have a healthy relationship with my family.
I have a loving, adoring, and supportive husband who loves me to no end.
I am surrounded by inspiring, and supportive friends who love and accept me for who I am.
I am happy. I am fulfilled. And life is really fucking good.

I have it all, without sacrifice, because I’ve built my life on a solid foundation of self-love. I understand what I need, want, and desire, and I’ve built my life to incorporate all of that and more. I make daily choices to honor my ideal life and I CHOOSE to never sacrifice a damn thing. 

You can choose to believe me, or you can choose to call me a liar, but I KNOW my truth. And THIS is exactly why I choose to work only with the believers.

The women that I coach all have ONE thing in common… They BELIEVE that they can have it all. These women believe that they can manifest a life that feels really damn good. This mindset is exactly why they will succeed in creating that life.

I’m going to leave you with this ONE question:
Do you believe you can have it all without sacrificing a damn thing?

Think about it. Check in with yourself and your belief system, and feel free to comment below.
If you are a total believer in this mindset and want to know how YOU can take it to the next level by creating your “I-have-it-all” life, click here.

Hopefully, I haven’t pissed you off… but IF I did, ask yourself where that anger is coming from. That could be the key to unraveling from your limiting beliefs. 


www.iamru.byRuby Fremon is a Coach, Catalyst, and Ignitor. She helps women radically boost self-love so they can take back their power and create lives that make them ridiculously happy. Ruby empowers her clients to shift into the belief that they can have it all without sacrificing a damn thing. What makes Ruby a truly dynamic Coach, is her ability to blend together practicality with spirituality while delivering her message in a loving, no-bullshit format. This fusion helps her clients create massive life shifts that stick.

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