Thought Leader Collective - Ruby Fremon

For the conscious leader who doesn’t believe in sacrificing integrity for popularity.

This Collective is here to help you magnify your presence, clarify your message, and grow your movement, YOUR way.

The Thought Leader Collective is for conscious leaders who value congruency over image, connection over division, and collaboration over competition.

You know you’re here to help move the conscious collective forward, and you understand that this begins with your personal evolution as a leader.

You feel the lack of integrity in the leadership space, and you’re ready to lead differently because you know the world craves authentic leaders.

You’ve noticed the ways in which other leaders are manipulating their audience to boost their numbers, and you’re determined to speak your potent truth.

You’re tired of being part of coaching programs and masterminds that deliver cookie-cutter strategies, and you’re ready to jump outside the box, do things YOUR way and blaze your own fucking trail.

You’ve outgrown your community and are seeking to create deep connections with other conscious leaders who are as excited as you are at the idea of rising TOGETHER.

The Thought Leader Collective is NOT a coaching program, nor is it a mastermind. It’s a COLLECTIVE for conscious leaders who are devoted to their personal evolution because they understand that this will, in turn, support the evolution of our world.


  • Value integrity, congruency, and inner-work because they know that this creates the foundation for exponential leadership.
  • Are devoted to their personal growth.
  • Are ready to dive deeper into themselves because they understand that this is the work that is necessary to reach the next level of their leadership.
  • Don’t care to do what everyone else is doing because they’d rather show up for their mission in a way that feels aligned with who they are.
  • Believe that in order to create change in our world, they must first embody that change within themselves.
  • Are craving to be part of a collective of like-minds for support, connection, and inspiration–a group of leaders who are determined to rise together.
  • Are willing to be called out on their bullshit and blindspots so they can accelerate their evolution.
  • Aren’t here to add to the noise, but instead, are here to rise above it and set the example by BEING the example.
  • Are ready to step into the fullest expression of their leadership and be part of something greater.

As a Member of the Thought Leader Collective, You’ll Have Access to…

  • 2 x 4-day retreats, hosted in April and October.
  • 3 x 90-minute group connection sessions per month where you’ll have the opportunity to mastermind with your collective and receive coaching + mentorship from Ruby.
  • 1 x 90-minute expert masterclass with Q+A per month
  • Monthly 1-hour coaching + mentorship sessions with Ruby 
  • 2 x 1-hour brand + experience + business sessions with Kevin
  • Access to a private Slack group

You’ll Walk Away From the Thought Leader Collective With…

  • A community of like-minded conscious leaders who are committed to rising WITH you.
  • Profound clarity in the way in which you’re here to serve and show up for your mission.
  • Absolute alignment between you, your mission, your audience, your clients, and your vision.
  • A deep sense of congruency between you and your message.
  • A massive internal shift from DOING to BEING so you can show up as an embodied leader that unapologetically stands for your mission.
  • Consistent and sustainable momentum that will launch you into the next stage of your leadership.
  • The know-how, confidence + conviction to continue to lead your mission and scale your movement YOUR way (and not theirs).
  • The energetic presence to effortlessly attract your ideal audience.

Are You Ready?

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This Collective is NOT for “leaders” who…

  • Aren’t deeply passionate about their mission or their vision.
  • Would rather learn more business tools than do the inner-work necessary to embody their mission.
  • Believe that marketing and strategy are all they need to reach the next level of their leadership.
  • Care more about how they’re being perceived than the actual impact that they’re creating in our world.
  • Are not committed to connecting or collaborating with like-minded leaders.

“I have always been a lone ranger, but inviting community and business besties into my world has made my life richer. “

I have been so inspired and motivated by the Collective and have also grown personally into more of the person that I truly am. I could not have done this without Ruby or TLC. I would recommend the Collective to anyone looking to step into their role as a leader, both within themselves and within their communities. You will not be disappointed.


Kendra Perry
Online Business Strategist for Health Coaches + Host of The Wealthy Coach Podcast

“A year ago, I was stuck in a cycle of trying to get it right and giving up before allowing myself to see the fruits of my labor. Really, I was more committed to self-sabotage than I was a success.”

Now, I choose what lights me up, instead of what I see others doing or what I think I should be doing. That willingness to trust myself and let go of needing to be liked has allowed me to create success in my business and fulfillment in my personal life. I’m experiencing my life on my terms better than I could’ve imagined possible before spending 2020 with the Thought Leader Collective. I’m forever grateful for this experience.

Jen Beverage
Spiritual Evolution Coach

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Our pillars…


: energy + branding :

Your presence has the power to attract OR repel your audience, whether you’re behind the screen, speaking on stage, or simply standing in a room. As a leader, your presence plays a massive role in your ability to build a LOYAL following and create a movement.

As a member of TLC, you will be guided to move within and create profound transformational shifts that will help you recognize and master your energy so that you become noticed. This isn’t about becoming something that you’re not–this is about uncovering all that make you YOU.

Uncovering your true presence requires a deep dive into your programming, your belief systems, and your core values. This is so much more than just identifying fears and limiting beliefs–this is about coming face-to-face with your shadows, your traumas, and your wounds so you can shed old paradigms while creating a NEW paradigm that actually serves you as you launch forward with your mission.

This is about BEING, not DOING.

You’ll also gain branding insights to help you position your presence online and bring people into your orbit in an organic, authentic, and aligned AF way.

Master your presence, and you will master your movement.


: motivation + impact :

As a thought leader, your purpose is your fuel–it is the driving force behind all that you do. As such, it’s crucial that you get clear on what you’re pursuing and why you’re pursuing it. You’re meant to feel passionate about your purpose, and it’s that passion that provides you with the determination to overcome all obstacles that stand between you and what you KNOW you’re here to do.

Most leaders are disconnected from the passion behind their purpose because they get caught up in what others are doing and what they think they should be doing. Members of TLC devote time and energy to creating and maintaining precise clarity on their purpose so they can increase the magnitude of the impact they’re here to create.

The truth is… it’s easy to have a purpose. Most leaders struggle with taking persistent and ALIGNED action towards their purpose, and alignment is everything. Your purpose and your actions must be aligned with your values, your beliefs, and what you stand for. This isn’t about doing it the “right” way–this is about doing it YOUR way.

Your purpose creates the motivation you need to boost momentum with your mission, and TLC is here to help you get laser-focused on making that happen.


: growth + lifestyle + quality of life :

Evolution is real, and we have the power to accelerate our evolution, or block it. Members of TLC are devoted to their evolution–they’re devoted to expanding their minds, their hearts, their spirit, and their physical vessel in order to match the frequency of their vision.

In order to be of service to the world and to do justice to the magnitude of your purpose, you must take ownership of your power to expand. And this isn’t just about internal expansion–this is about expanding your external world as well–this is about expanding your capacity to experience wealth.

Wealth is so much more than just money–it’s about creating the lifestyle and quality of life that you deeply desire experiencing. Money is simply the means to make that happen.

As a member of TLC, you understand that it is possible to profit from your purpose. In fact, you know this to be true and are seeking to amplify that profit so you can create true wealth in your life.

You’re driven to experience deep levels of fulfillment, joy, and freedom, and are ready to achieve this by serving your purpose.


: community + support :

As a thought leader, you’ve experienced first-hand how lonely leadership can feel, and you’re craving something different.

You desire support. But not just any support–the right support from people who truly understand the responsibility that comes with pursuing your purpose. You want to connect with leaders who value integrity, congruency, and authenticity over popularity, image, and “likes”.

You want to have a community that truly sees you and recognizes your gifts. You’re seeking to connect with like-minded leaders who cheer you on as you pursue your purpose, and aren’t afraid to call you out when you fail to see your blindspots.

TLC is a hive mind that fosters connection and collaboration. It’s an idea-generating space to help each member rise higher while boosting their impact. We are a community of new-gen thought leaders who are deeply committed to our missions.

After all, we rise TOGETHER.

“This work absolutely was the catalyst that ignited me onto my path. It led me through a rapid transformation to pursue my ultimate vision, purpose, calling and dream life.”  

Jessica Forrest-Baldini

On a mission to commercialize clean technologies to reduce CO2 emissions & preserve the planet's biodiversity.

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Who are your facilitation leaders?

Ruby Fremon

Primary Facilitator

As a Leadership Guide, Ruby helps purpose-driven leaders grow their movements without sacrificing integrity. Her approach ignites true transformation while flipping fear into actualized ambition, and doubt into absolute confidence.

Ruby is the host of the top-rated podcast, Today’s Thought Leader where she challenges leaders to activate the leader within. She was named an “Icon of Influence” at the 2018 New Media Summit and “An Inspirational Woman” by The Huffington Post in 2016 and has spoken on stages around the world.

A catalyst for change, Ruby has helped hundreds of thought leaders build their confidence and crystalize their messaging, landing them on podcasts, stages, television, and the front pages of newspapers across the country. She is hugely successful at helping her clients embody their potency so they can lead as the fullest expression of who they be.


Kevin Fremon

Kevin embodies the entrepreneurial spirit and has a true passion for creating memorable brand experiences.  His thesis to building an impactful business is by taking a radically customer-centric approach to knowing, caring, and engaging with those you serve.

He’s co-founded three companies over the last two decades; a full-service digital branding agency, a venture backed stock photography startup acquired by Envato, and most recently Lightbulb Moment, Inc. where he created a digital product now grossing three-quarter of a million dollars with ZERO in ad-spend.

Kevin works with creatives, leaders, and entrepreneurs via his charity-based mentorship program and advocates strongly for the pursuit of TIME wealth.  He teaches strategy and tactics that marry active and passive income streams together in order to help people step off the hamster-hustle wheel and build a business around their life, NOT a life around their business.

“For the first time, ever, I can actually see what my future is — and I’m really excited.”

A year ago I was stuck and felt very weighed down and very dense – a lot of self-judgment and self-expectation. I put a lot of pressure on my partner and reached a point where I couldn’t see a future. I couldn’t see how things could keep going the way that they were, and I knew that the only way that things were gonna change is if I decided to change.

Through working with Ruby and The Thought Collective, for the first time, ever, I can actually see what my future is — and I’m really excited. It just feels relaxed and fun and free.

Ruby helped me realize that I wasn’t allowing others to see me, that I was putting up a barrier by not showing up. I desperately wanted intimate connection — I wasn’t allowing someone to see me, so I could not get what I needed so desperately.

Through working with Ruby I realized, ‘I am the cause.’ At the same time, I felt very empowered because Ruby helped me realize, I am the creator of my reality and I can create change.



“Ruby helped me make it possible. She didn’t make it possible for me. She helped me make it possible.”

I had some things that I was unaware of that were holding me back that I really needed to breakthrough. What surprised me was how open and lovingly available the entire collective is. She curated this group, but it was the collective together that made this experience possible for me, to help me feel safe and trusted to bring up whatever it was that was creating those barriers, and to help me to start addressing those barriers.

Ruby is the real deal — what you’ve seen of her, what you’ve experienced of her is exactly what you are going to get. She will ensure that your collective will be thoughtful and attentive, and listen and hear you and create a trustworthy space for you to open up and become what it is that you are seeking to become.



“You deserve everything and more, and it starts with you giving yourself the permission to live fully.”

I’ve seen my life shift amazingly because of the investment of coaches and of essentially sitting at the feet of giants. And in this experience, I know I got to absorb from Ruby and from the rest of the Thought Leader Collective.

I’m in integrity and I know who I am, now more so than ever, and it feels so good, and I keep telling myself, ‘This is just the beginning.’ We’re gonna scorch, we’re gonna burn a legacy that is only expanding our dynasty, that is only expanding a continued life per moment, for humanity and this generation of millennials’.

You deserve everything and more, and it starts with you giving yourself permission to live fully.



“I knew there was more to learn, there was more to achieve, and there was more to be. “

A year ago I was really ungrounded and overcompensated for my insecurities. I knew there was more to learn, there was more to achieve, and there was more to be. That’s why I joined the collective.

One of the biggest things that surprised me was the relationship that I’ve been able to cultivate with the other leaders. The past masterminds that I’ve been in, it’s always been more about the leader. The Thought Collective is much more. It’s a collective energy and I’ve collaborated with almost all of them.

Ruby will not validate me, and I say that with so much love because she knows that’s not what I need. Most coaches cannot put their own ego aside to facilitate that transformation, Ruby made me a better coach because now I do the same for my clients.




This is not another cookie-cutter coaching program, nor is it a mastermind that doesn’t really mastermind. This is a COLLECTIVE, and as such, each member of the Collective must be committed to showing up for each other as well as themselves. Members must be open and willing to offer support, hold space, lean in, and receive.

Truth Bomb #3

The Collective is influenced by the combined energy of all the leaders involved, which is why we are being extremely selective in the application process. This is to protect the sacred nature of this container and all the souls within it, as well as to remain aligned and congruent with the vision of the Thought Leader Collective.

Truth Bomb #2

The Thought Leader Collective is an investment of time, energy, and resources. This is a commitment that requires you to be fully present and fully engaged throughout the experience, from the moment you invest in your seat.

Truth Bomb #4

Ruby and her guest facilitators and experts are here to act as your coaches, guides, and mentors. They are here to shine a spotlight on your blocks and call you out on your bullshit while helping you rise up, speak up and create a movement. As such, all members of The Thought Leader Collective must be open to all feedback, fully coachable, and willing to do the inner-work required to fulfill their vision.

The world is ready for conscious thought leaders.

Are you ready to answer that call?

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