Your Heart Matters | IAMRUBY

No matter how you feel, or how others make you feel… No matter what the situation… Always remember that your heart does matter.

When we don’t love ourselves fully, we tend to sacrifice our hearts for others. We give, and give, and give until we can give no more. We lose ourselves in this process and forget that we also require love in return. It’s not an expectation; it’s simply what we need. But we feel guilty giving ourselves that type of love and attention because deep down inside, we don’t believe we deserve it. It’s in these moments that you need to realize that your heart DOES matter. Your feelings matter, and your emotional well-being matters.

When we don’t have self-love, we sacrifice pieces of ourselves in order to love others. But when we do have self-love, we can love fully, without losing ourselves in the process. We must first be whole and filled with love so that we are able to give love; when we’re running on empty, we have nothing to give except for pieces of ourselves.

Remember, your heart matters. Give yourself the love you need. The days where you feel you don’t deserve it are the days you’ll need self-love the most.

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